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When all the air was damp and warm in the green of country lanes

I ended up spending a lot of money yesterday. Much of it was for plane tickets to spend Thanksgiving with bunny_hugger. More of it, believe it or not, was in buying the photo album. The album was put to bed right about midnight and after my patience and good cheer were worn to a frazzle. Part of this was from my brother and his wife getting their pictures in at about 10:30, partly because they were away from home from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, partly from their claim that they didn't know what kind of pictures I wanted. Apparently ``pictures that show interesting moment of the family'' was too vague, and the original invitation --- circulated informally by my father two weeks ago, and e-mailed several days last week --- didn't indicate the need to get this done now, please, thank you.

One enormous resource we had to do without was slides. My father went in big for getting slides printed, indicating they probably were way cheaper than photo prints in the 70s. While the printer-scanner we have is good on actual photos, including being able as if by magic to separate several pictures into separate files and for things which are clearly portraits to orient them correctly, it can't do anything useful with slides. So my father found a refurbished slide-and-film-negative scanner at B&H and left me his credit card to buy it. As I was going through the set-up-an-account-and-buy-it routine, the unit sold out, of course. I went back and checked with slightly different terms and found a similar unit for ten dollars less. So, let's hope that settles our slide-scanning needs for the future.

Trivia: An engineer for the Cayuga & Susquehanna Railroad advised in 1833 that crossties should be soaked in salt solution before they were laid down; he based his suggestion on observing that piling in the salt beds at Syracuse, New York, lasted very long and he suspected salt may be the reason. Source: The Story Of American Railroads, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: Remembering Troy: Heritage on the Hudson, Don Rittner. You know, if he didn't say he had been local history reporter for the Troy Record for seven years I ... might have guessed anyway from the way the book feels like a bunch of short essays about why you rotten kids won't support preserving every building ever and how urban revitalization of the 60s ruined everything and back in the day we had MORALS and went to CHURCH and just say ``Columbine'' to yourself three times if you think that wasn't right and aaaaaaaagh.


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