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And if it turns out real then love can turn the wheel

I am feeling better, thanks, partly from just playing through it1 and partly from managing a successful wedding. Though it started out late (what muck wedding doesn't?) and I had to guess my way to the wedding site, and had to say much more than I expected, all came out well, and even on time, and we hit a new record population high of 80 people for the ceremony. Many say they're temporary, but I hope we can trick a few into sticking around.

Lacking a good homily I read from Walt Kelly, the poem on the left. The other I include because it's fun.

A Corner of the Circle Dixie is the Land I Love
Around in the hoop with the loop of my love
Lies longing my heart sinking low, thinking of
Wonders and magic and worries of woe
With wonders all waddled in yesterday's snow
The sun in its tower tolls out the noon
While here in the sphere of the moth-eaten moon
All huddled befuddled with night in the eyes
The whoop of my heart in its wilderness lies.
In a land where none are known to neatly knot the Gnu,
I met a mealy mustache upon a Kangaroo.
``Oh, Mustache, dear,'' I sang so clear, ``Why do you slowly grow
Upon that lip like a buggy whip and twinkle two and fro?''
``Oh, I am like the mistletoe,'' the mustache murmured low,
``I cannot place nor pick the face where I would wish to grow.
Perchance some day, if I grow neat, and measure maybe ninety feet,
(For each foot there'll be five toes) I'll leave this life below this nose,
I'll take my hat and wiggle crawl away, a catterpiggle small.
Away, a catterpiggle, Paul, away a cat, away a coot,
A cootle pootle piggle, Paul,

1 There are a lot of ways to divide people into two classes. My choice today: There are people who figure life is basically pretty nifty and treat frustrations as anomalies, and there are those who figure life is basically frustration and treat good things as anomalies. I'm in the first group, except that it feels like I'm ever in a crowd of the second.

Anyway. Cartoon Network has some new ads for The Popeye Show; I think I'll go to the Popeye's Fried Chicken, read my book, and relax.

Trivia: The first indoor college football game was held in the Atlantic City Convention Hall in December 1964. Source: New Jersey Firsts, Harry Armstrong and Tom Wilk.

Currently Reading: Li'l Beginnings, Charles Schulz.


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