austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

It's a tonic, tried and true

I got onto the elevator and picked storey seven; the couple that entered with me hit eight. On the third floor the elevator stopped, and a second pair came in; they hit the button for five. (The most boring floor, by the way; there's no accounting for taste.)

On five, the first couple -- the ones who'd hit the button for eight -- got off, and the second stayed on with me. At the seventh floor I got off, leaving the second couple to go up to eight.

Somehow, I have the strange feeling somebody was putting me on.

Trivia: Italic lettering was introduced to northern Europe by Gerardus Mercator, creator of the Mercator map. Source: Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society, Norman J.W. Thorwer.

Currently Reading: Chulo: A Year Among The Coatimundis, Bil Gilbert.

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