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Put your funny glasses on, leave the world behind

[ OK, the restored Metropolis is, like, maybe three wholly different movies from what I ever saw before. And here I failed to set the Tivo to record it. I can be a remarkable idiot given the chance. ]

bunny_hugger arrived about an hour later, at which time the desk was not ready with her room.

So we looked over a display of carved pumpkins and grabbed some free yet extremely cheap candy, and went out to find something to eat. We figured on something light, as we might be meeting my father, uncle, and uncle's daughter for dinner, if everyone involved felt like getting together; the iPad suggested there were several pizza places within a couple blocks.

We actually aimed first at a Mexican restaurant (I think it was), but they were closing just as we arrived. We also passed a shiny, interesting-looking diner which was opening that Tuesday, the day after we were scheduled to leave. There was a local (as best as we can tell) pizza place which we managed to miss entirely, but found a Cici's pizza, so that we were able to snack on all kinds of mutants like macaroni-and-cheese pizza; and we shared tales of how excited everybody was for the Rally. It was plainly going to be a lot bigger than anyone officially expected.

bunny_hugger, having been up far too late packing and preparing and not getting much sleep on the flight, needed a nap; I, having got a little more sleep but still coming off a tiring week of work, kind of wanted one too, so we were glad that the hotel had a room ready even if they hadn't phoned the way we both thought they intended to. bunny_hugger did attempt to check her e-mail, finding that the hotel room had an Ethernet cable plug but no cable, and we established that while both of us know very well we need to carry a cable for this sort of contingency, neither of us actually had.

However, as bunny_hugger started her nap, I checked the far-back of one of the desk drawers and found the cable had migrated back there, out of fear of discovery. With it captured and set atop the table I curled up for a bit of sleep too, and before you knew it it was a little late for dinner.

My father hadn't called, as I had sort of thought he might, so that we didn't have any clear idea whether they were waiting for us, or were able to divert to us if we called, or if they didn't expect to see us at all, or what. I phoned, and found they had just sat down at whatever restaurant they'd been going to. So, we deduced that we were on our own for dinner.

bunny_hugger recalled that when she was in Washington last, she had stayed at a bed-and-breakfast near the National Zoo, and she remembered a good-sized restaurant district just off that Metro stop. A bit of web searching with her newly Internet-capable computer verified the district was still there. So we set off, trying to find the local Metro station which was barely a block behind the hotel, although we couldn't find the way out the back door to get there without walking all around the building.

What we did find --- and the station was comfortably near, and the line nicely direct with no transfers required, with an escalator roughly seven miles long and requiring over four days of continuous travel --- was a pretty nice-looking collection of chain restaurant and local ones, including a few which bunny_hugger remembered from last time. Unfortunately we also had managed to get there very late; maybe half the restaurants we passed were closed or closing. We picked an Indian restaurant where I had some kind of cubed cheese dish and overheard three conversations among people planning to go to the Rally. The restaurant closed while we were there, but it was a grand building of anticipation for the action.

Returning to the hotel we realized it was very easy to find our way into the back of the hotel, and we verified that it was just off the breakfast-restaurant area so that we were certain we'd be able to find the way Saturday morning too. We were wrong. But we also figured we should set out early, planning to arrive around 10 am or so for the noon starting time, and in picking this time we were right. While we stayed awake longer than we realized after eating later than we realized, we got the alarm clock set, we thought, and slept.

Trivia: Amelia Simmons's 1795 cookbook, regarded as the first American cookbook, contains a recipe for ``Independence Cake'' which calls for 20 pounds of flour, 15 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds of butter, and 24 eggs. Source: Salt: A World History, Mark Kurlansky.

Currently Reading: Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of A Real Doll, M G Lord.


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