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They call him Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabberjaw

[ Responding to the curious lack of a proper Jabberjaw episode guide on Wikipedia or on the web in general, I sat down to watch every episode and summarize what happens in it. I failed. I could only find 13 of the 16 episodes on YouTube, and the series is going through a stretch of not being on Boomerang for some reason. Possibly they're trying to encourage that Fangface episode guide we've been waiting for. Well, here's what I have, since I'm rather busy with other matters this week. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-1
Title: "Dr. Lo Has Got to Go"
Original Airdate: 1976 September 11
Production Code: 84-1
Plot: Dr Lo plans to bring Aquahama to its knees by using an aquatic monster gigantified by a ray beam. Jabberjaw stops it by fortunate sneezing. After Lo's minioins try abducting Jabberjaw from the shower the band tries changing hotels but Bubbles accidentally calls Lo's minions to report where they plan to go. Bubbles and Biff are kidnapped, but Jabberjaw traces them to Lo's hollow mountain and nose-drills into it. Jabberjaw and the Gorgon are repeatedly shrunk and enlarged until the villain and his monster are caught, shrunk, and the growth raw destroyed.
Locations: Aquahama (based on Yokohama).
Guest Characters: Dr Lo, Minions, Mayor of Aquahama, Gorgon, Aquahama Military-type guy, Disrespecting crab,
Songs: ``Cruising 2062'', first being performed in an autopiloted car (and interrupted), later during a chase scene.
Thoughts: This episode has a different take on the theme song, done by a larger chorus rather than the Neptunes and Jabberjaw singing, and it's rather clearer than the version used for the main series.
The Mayor tells Dr Lo the City Council has rejected Lo's ``exorbitant'' ransom demands, seeming to imply a lesser ransom demand would be considered.
Clam explains early on that they're the Neptunes, ``the greatest band in the land''. This would be more impressive if they were ever on the land.
Jabberjaw has ``super hay fever'' this episode which Shelly's powder puff sets off.
The Aquahama defense forces have immobilizer rays which are useless against the Gorgon. Jabberjaw's sneezing and ramming into the Gorgon, observed only by the Neptunes, give them brief hope of Jabberjaw's being accepted in the city, but this briefly works.
Jabberjaw tries hiding in a fishbowl but is thrown out by the goldfish; instead he flattens out imitating a carpet.
It's just assumed the growth ray has a reverse; it does, but is that really essential to growth ray-ness?
Dr Lo seems to have at most two minions. This makes the Neptunes' disguising as further minions in the chase sequence seem unlikely to work.
Jabberjaw spooks the Gorgon by holding up a mirror to it.
Jabberjaw get a medal; he is never bounced from the city or anyplace within it.

Trivia: Herman Hollerith was nominated by John Hyde for membership in the Royal Statistical Society on 22 November 1894, nomination paper number 2854. Hyde submitted it without the seconder required, but Dr John Shaw Billings (who had suggested a census machine to Hollerith and was an honorary member) added his name to the application. Source: Herman Hollerith: Forgotten Giant of Information Processing, Geoffrey D Austrian.

Currently Reading: Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Simon Schama.

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