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The most futuristic shark you ever saw

[ I continue to watch Jabberjaw and to think about it. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-2
Title: "There's No Place Like Outer Space"
Original Airdate: 18 September 1976
Production Code: 84-2
Plot: Zorak-like aliens invade while the Neptunes plan a concert at a ``UFO Space Exhibit and Fair''. Taking the UFO sighting as inspiration Biff plans costuming as Martian invaders; an identification device ends up on the Neptune's fake spaceship, which the aliens pursue. The Neptunes find the aliens, claim to be from the planet Zarko and demand to know what business they have upstaging their invasion. They get trapped and are briefly launched into space, but return to foil the invasion.
Locations: Hydrostan.
Guest Characters: Commander Domax, Mantor, Minions, Secret Earth Contact, Bus Public Address Speaker, Police Chief, Police Sergeant, Teleporter Operator, Sawfish
Songs: ``You've Got To Believe In Love'' (chase scene); ``I Got The Blues'' (performance, fragment)

``Domax'' sounds like they made an easy insulting word broadcast-acceptable. Mantor is one of the Zorak-like aliens; there are at least three alien designs shown.

The band prepares its costumes and spacecraft only after arriving at the conference, and didn't think to try dressing until hearing of UFO sightings.

This plot is completely different from The Flintstones episode with the Way-Outs.

The alien spaceship is identified as such by Clamhead even though he's only seen it underwater where it would seem to be a submarine or ``aquacraft'' in their usual vernacular.

The fair panics at seeing Jabberjaw without his transparent bubble helmet (``a shark!''), wrecking the publicity stunt and getting them fired and ejected.

Biff believes the Fair's computer will have security tapes showing the aliens' chase. They go to the Computer Exhibit showing UFO sightings, 1976 - 2076, where they find a tape reporting the UFO's bearing (183 degrees).

While pretending to be aliens the Neptunes offer a split: ``we'll take the US, and you can have Siberia.'' ``We'll take Japan, and you can have Catalina.'' Jabberjaw blows a bubble-gum bubble, floats up to the ceiling, the bubble pops, and it captures the Neptunes, a less remarkable trick than the aliens' net-projecting ray guns.

The Neptunes try abducting the teleporter operator despite other minions chasing after them; they put lipstick, eyelashes, rouge, and a wig on him. Showing the police chief Jabberjaw simply takes the wig off.

Jabberjaw's tail is used as a rudder to steer a spaceship. Jabberjaw also acts like a parachute by curling himself over. The Neptunes somehow have aqua helmets in their clothes.

The invasion is foiled when one of the smaller ships accidentally force-field-nets the mothership.

Trivia: The Prussian Loan of 1818 was the first international loan to be paid in pounds rather than the currency of the borrowing country. Source: A History of Credit and Power in the Western World, Scott B MacDonald, Albert L Gastmann.

Currently Reading: Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Simon Schama.


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