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[ Continuing into the Jabberverse: it has ancient civilization other than Atlantis. And if the writers could have thought of any from real mythology they wouldn't have introduced Ancient Panaqua, I guess. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-5
Title: "The Sourpuss Octopuss"
Original Airdate: 9 October 1976
Production Code: 84-5
Plot: The Neptunes accidentally join an archeological expedition in the undersea jungles and must keep a code disk out of Doctor Octopus's tentacles. Jabberjaw is abducted and duplicated, with the evil twin stealing the code disk, which a computer left in the jungle tribe by an earlier expedition can use to identify a treasure's location.
Locations: Sao Mareno (capital of Aquantina), Panaqua, Aquapulco (named, not visited).
Guest Characters: Dr Nicosta, Policeman, The Octopus, Minions, Parking Lot Attend-bot, Jungle Natives.
Songs: ``You've Got To Believe In Love'' (chase, fragment)

I feel like ``Doctor Nicosta'' is a pun of some kind but I'm not sharp enough to get it. I resent that I'm not sharp enough to get a pun in Jabberjaw.

The Neptunes are mistaken for ``casually dressed'' security guards in one of those mixups that happens all the time here.

Biff thanks the robot supervising the parking lot.

Doctor Octopus seems to have at most two minions, as standard for other villains.

Jabberjaw gets stuffed into an open-air trash compactor in gross violation of aquaplace safety rules. It opens a hatch underwater to throw him out, flooding the ship.

Jabberjaw extends his vaudeville riffs to include a Bud Abbot-y ``I'm a baaaaaaad shark.''

They have transparent undersea tents, with push-button sinks and robot-arm toothbrushes.

Jabberjaw is able pretty easily to escape the duplicating tube, but perhaps he didn't think earlier to try so hard to escape.

Shelly takes away the disk from the real Jabberjaw, who's beaten the duplicate in a fight, on the grounds the real Jabberjaw couldn't have beaten the other.

I'm unclear on the ecology of jungle natives building with bamboo and twine on the ocean floor.

The computer has a lot of analog dials and reel-to-reel tapes.

The Neptunes break the computer, lest the Octopus use it, and steal a small ship.

Where exactly did Ancient Panaqua come from?

After announcing ``Let's hurry, gang, there's no time to lose'', Biff and the other Neptunes keep at their usual walking cycle pace.

In the chase sequence The Octopus's Minions have increased to four.

The Octopus and Minions are captured inside a hollow pyramid inside the ancient city of Panaqua.

The Neptunes start performing at the end, but their waterlogged instruments soak everyone.

Trivia: One Truth or Consequences consequence for a man to get in a bed with a seal at a downtown thoroughfare. Source: Quiz Craze, Thomas A DeLong. (I don't know if it was done successfully.)

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