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[ It may have taken a while but we finally get to the Gold Rush episode. It's baffling in the ways you expect grafting a Klondike Gold Rush motif onto a far-future underwater setting. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-8
Title: "Claim-Jumped Jabber"
Original Airdate: 30 October 1976
Production Code: 84-8
Plot: On inheriting a gold mine Jabberjaw is pursued by claim jumper Coldfinger, who pursues Jabberjaw with femme fatale Francine La Fin and an ice ray.
Locations: Aqualaska, Kelp City.
Guest Characters: Two Prospectors, Coldfinger, Two Minions, Lawyer, Hotel clerk, Francine La Fin, Robot Emcee, Sheriff, Jabberclaw.
Songs: ``Cruising 2062'' (chase), ``Slip Through My Hands'' (performance, fragment)

Aqualaska is frozen, even apparently underwater.

The deed card one of the miners has looks a lot like a metal stencil for miscellaneous line lengths.

The Aqualaska map Coldfinger holds looks a lot like a badly-drawn Montana.

Jabberjaw saved an old prospector from an octopus and so inherited a gold mine.

The Emergency Leak Plugger just shoves Jabberjaw in the leak. This mechanism seems to depend on the existence of abundant sharks in the vicinity of leaks or else on weak tort laws.

The lawyer says Coldfinger has stolen every gold mine in Aqualaska, but his first theft this episode was of a silver mine.

Jabberjaw's deed looks like a Hollerith card with way too many holes punched.

Jabberjaw avoids a shark ejector by using icicles to imitate a walrus; the hotel has a no-walrus policy.

The Kelp City hotel has bathrooms at the end of the sliding-sidewalk hallway.

Francine La Fin is billed as ``the first singing shark''. Jabberjaw tries to woo her with a hundred-pound box of anchovy bon-bons.

Francine La Fin's car has a dashboard button to produce enormous quantities of popcorn. It also has an eject button which Jabberjaw hits accidentally.

Coldfinger's minions allow the disguised Neptunes a chance to join his gang if they're rough and tough, something Jabberjaw tries to prove they are by eating fireplace gear and chewing it into nails.

Jabberjaw breaks into a spinning-dial type safe using stethoscope and sandpapered fins.

The Neptunes flee Coldfinger's lair for an ``Aquimo'' village complete with igloos. Bubbles speaks gibberish as ``Aquimo''; one of the Minions speaks ``Aquimo'' perfectly and she gives away the disguise.

Coldfinger has a power beam able to lift sub-aquatic igloos.

Shelly uses a hairpin to jam an elevator.

Everyone knows Coldfinger has been stealing claim deed cards, but the authorities apparently don't mind giving him the land as soon as he presents deed cards.

Jabberjaw's inheritance was a mistake and it rightly belongs to one Jabberclaw, a Wallace Wimple-like fellow with a giant-tentacle-knotter gadget.

Francine La Fin is interested in Jabberjaw even after he's lost his claim and Coldfinger has gone to jail. It must be true if odd love.

Trivia: Between 1803 and 1807 Great Britain seized 528 American ships; France seized 389. Source: An Empire Of Wealth: The Epic History Of American Economic Power, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: Samurai William: The Englishman Who Opened Japan, Giles Milton.


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