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When his friends get in a jam

[ Of course it was inevitable that Jabberjaw would do an Aladdin's Lamp episode, although come to think of it, this wasn't the sort of genie who gives out wishes that trn malicious and it's more just a strange monster of vaguely defined powers. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-9
Title: "Ali Jabber and the Secret Thieves"
Original Airdate: 6 November 1976
Production Code: 84-9
Plot: The Order of Secret Thieves plans to rule Persiastan using the Mighty Volton, genie-like being of an electro-lamp which Jabberjaw bought. The genie is revealed when the Order's power outage makes Jabberjaw turn it on. The Neptunes infiltrate the Secret Thieves to recapture Volton.
Locations: Persiastan,
Guest Characters: Hasim, Minions, Mighty Volton, Storekeeper, Mouse, Police Officers, Club Maitre d', Thief, Video Book Author, Persiastan Royal.
Songs: ``Cruising 2062'' (performance, fragment), ``I'm Coming Back'' (chase)

The Order of Secret Thieves has these pretty slick-looking aquacars meant to evoke flying carpets.

Many of the lamps the Neptunes consider buying look like rejected Mystery Science Theather 3000 robots. Jabberjaw considers a lamp which bundles him up into a tight little bundle.

Jabberjaw has 10 kebabniks, with which he's able to buy only the one antique electro-lamp.

The stage lights at Club El Kabar are controlled by those classic big metal throw switches.

Jabberjaw squeezes into a mouse hole to hide, but is chased out by the mouse.

Mighty Volton announces the world will ``once again'' belong to him.

Shelly figures they must tell the police ``and spend the rest of our lives in jail'' for releasing the Mighty Volton.

Directions to capture Volton are in the Volton Video Book, in the hands of the Order of Secret Thieves.

Jabberjaw is stripped naked by thieves while trying to show how his disguise as a thief will surely work.

The Neptunes go to a smoke-filled den; a Minion calls Hassim on what looks like an oversized cell phone.

The electro-lamp has a button to make arms pop out and capture the holder.

Biff learns somehow the Thieves have a secret hideout ``to the north''.

Bubbles uses an engine diagram as a map; her diagram has a carburetor and a fan belt on it. They get to the correct location anyway.

The Order of Secret Thieves has a shark ejector just hanging around. The ejector looks like an off-model Josie And The Pussycats In Outer Space spaceship.

Jabberjaw is taken for one ``General Ormond'' and is brought on a raid of a gold-laden aqua-freighter.

The gold bars are taken off the aqua-freighter one at a time, in a human chain.

Jabberjaw speaks of folding, spindling, or mutilating.

The Video Book seems to have hundreds of pages, but what pops up when it opens is a wizard shouting instructions.

Jabberjaw squeezes into a tiny glass bottle as the Neptunes feign being wizards (and he a genie) to trap Volton. They try doing a version of the mythical Indian Rope Trick.

Biff whips up a flying carpet by attaching a ceiling fan to a regular carpet. Really.

The Video Book traps Volton in the lamp by reciting the magical words ``abdar waha Zanzibar gad-dak-ka!''

Given his choice of the royal treasures Jabberjaw picks the lamp which is also a shark ejector, and the royal (Sultan, I suppose) lets him have it. The Sultan(?) knows what he lamp contains, and who is picking it out. Apparently the Sultan(?) gives out rewards laced with sarcasm.

Trivia: In October 1833 newspapers reported the Barings bank was preparing a ship to be manned exclusively by seamen who had pledged to not drink alcohol nor to blaspheme; the report was correct and the Alexander Baring, of 550 tons, was the ship. Source: The Sixth Great Power: A History Of One Of The Greatest Of All Banking Families, The House Of Barings, 1762 - 1929, Philip Ziegler.

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