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Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabberjaw, Jabberjaw

[ Oh, dear me, they've got a time machine now. Well, a time ball thingy of some kind. Can you imagine the ruin this would make of the timeline? ]

Episode Number: JBJ-11
Title: "No Helpin' the Sculpin'"
Original Airdate: 1976 November 20
Production Code: 84-11
Plot: Professor Thorsten, who looks just like Clamhead, has invented a time machine; the evil Sculpin has stolen incomplete plans for it and takes the Neptunes to complete it. A dinosaur from the year one million BC is hypnotized and brought back to foil Sculpin. Yes, a dinosaur.
Locations: Swiss Aquachalet,
Guest Characters: Three Minions, Professor Thorsten, Sculpin, Interviewer.
Songs: ``Take A Second Look' (performance, fragment), ``There's A Mountain Of Time'' (chase).

Professor Thorsten happens to be a double for Clamhead.

The audience in front of the Neptunes at the opening is maybe sixteen people.

The villains again have immobilizer rays. The Jabberjaw world could really use immobilizer ray controls. The immobilizer ray even freezes Clamhead in the air, in mid-running-stride.

The skis of the future have jets built in.

The other Neptunes hide when Clamhead is taken, on the grounds that they can't help him if they're captured too. Not that they're scared or anything. Shelly is angry with Jabberjaw for hiding as a snowman during this.

The immobilizer ray requires de-immobilizing to wear off. Clamhead seems to recognize time has passed while he's immobilized.

The Neptunes sneak into Sculpin's lair as the scientist-associates of Professor Thorsten, with Jabberjaw costumed as ``the computer''. This involves strapping gadgets to him and produces a stream of technobabble. Bubbles: ``The fluglegraph is pixellating.'' Sculpin: ``The flugelgraph is pixellating?'' Bubbles: ``Oh, you noticed it too?''

Jabberjaw briefly talks in a computery voice while fixing the time machine, or maybe just shoving a V-8 into the time machine.

Sculpin plans to disassemble the Jabberjaw-Computer because ``it knows too much''.

Bubbles relies on her perfume to guide Jabberjaw to the cell where they're kept, after Jabberjaw is established by Clamhead as ``the greatest bloodhound in the seven seas''; Shelly thinks the perfume idea is stupid for some reason. It does work.

The Neptunes' clowning around with the time machine makes it work successfully. It brings back ``a Viking from the 12th century'', who is quickly sent back. The minions credit Sculpin with returning the Viking to his home time, on what grounds I do not know.

Jabberjaw, Shelly, and Clamhead hide in the time machine, and plunge back into 1,000,000 BC, where they find cavemen and a dinosaur.

The time machine bulb spins and disappears in the present, leaving the base behind. But in the past, the time machine bulb has its base too.

Jabberjaw is able to hypnotize the dinosaur of hugely variable size, but keeps forgetting and snapping his fin, waking it up again.

Shelly thinks bringing a dinosaur from 1,000,000 BC to the present is a good idea as it will somehow let them get a drop on Sculpin.

The chase gets started with a duel between Jabberjaw's hypnosis and Sculpin's snapping. The dinosaur is kept proof against un-hypnotizing by wearing earmuffs.

The time machine, the jet-skis, and the castle are all parts of the chase, with the immobilizer ray falling into Jabberjaw's hands early. Everyone but Jabberjaw ends up immobilized.

It's barely able to squeeze into the time machine that it, Jabberjaw, Shelly, and Clamhead were in before.

The dinosaur gets all kissy with Shelly until she hollers him into the time machine, which vanishes complete with the spinning base stand.

Trivia: A codification of Rhode Island's laws in 1719 granted religious liberty to ``all Men professing Christianity ... (Roman Catholics only excepted)'', an exception not previously in the laws nor enacted by the colonial assembly. (The codification was approved, however; the exception for Catholics was deleted in 1783 without having ever been challenged.) Source: Rhode Island: A History, William G McLoughlin.

Currently Reading: The Path Betwen The Seas: The Creation Of The Panama Canal: 1870 - 1914, David McCullough.


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