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He's the finniest, funniest shark you ever saw, Jabberjaw,

[ Oh, that's right: it was the 70s. Of course they have a Bermuda Triangle episode, although thinking it over, I'm not sure there's a need for this story to have been in the Bermuda Triangle. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-12
Title: "The Bermuda Triangle Tangle"
Original Airdate: 25 November 1976 [ Special Thanksgiving airing ]
Production Code: 84-12
Plot: Madame Sargasso, sorceress, uses teleportation to steal ships and people from the Bermuda Triangle of the oceans. The Neptunes are made into zombie slaves for the diamond mines, and offer to trade a power stone capable of taking over the world for their freedom. Bubbles proves to be enough of a match for Sargasso to use her magic mirror and an electro-magical battle foils the evildoers.
Locations: Bermuda Triangle.
Guest Characters: Madame Sargasso, Captain, Seven Minions, Monac.
Songs: ``You've Got To Believe In Love'' (chase), Unidentified piece (performance, fragment).

Madame Sargasso seems to be an evil face in a mirror to start.

Shelly has almost as much trouble with the Automatic Deck Chair as Jabberjaw would by himself.

Clamhead is reading the Atlantic Daily newspaper.

Madame Sargasso's flame-wrapped face appears over the Neptunes's ship.

Jabberjaw proclaims himself to be a Great White Shark and captures three Minions under a bubble dome. He does the ``I'm a baaaaaad shark'' bit when he accidentally falls on the Neptunes, although they aren't captured until Madame Sargasso teleports them in.

Madame Sargasso puts the still-running Jabberjaw into a tiny fishbowl; she makes chains appear on Clamhead's wrists; and captures Shelly and Biff mid-air. She puts Bubbles in a giant cellophane wrapper.

Madame Sargasso needs diamonds to fuel here ``electro-magical'' powers, and intends the Neptunes to be her zombie slaves in the mines.

Madame Sargasso has a zombie-transformation conveyor belt not at all like the Army Induction Belt used in the Jetsons to make zombie slaves of the non-Jabberjaw Neptunes.

Not only are they zombie slaves, but they have to dig using impractical triangle-handled shovels. Shelly still insults Jabberjaw while zombified; Bubbles tosses the dug-out diamonds back into the cave walls.

The Zombie Conveyor Belt fortunately has a reverse-zombie lever.

Madame Sargasso makes a giant birdcage appear around the escaping Neptunes. She offers to let them free if they go on a quest; Jabberjaw repeats the Lambsey Divey routine, she wants them to ``rescue a ranger from Rochester, save seagull from Southgate, track down a toad from Tarzana?'' She wants the Power Stone of Kabba, a ``self-energizing power source' to complete her electro-magic operations. The Neptunes promise to get it. It's somewhere deep down in the Earth.

Shelly reasonably asks why Madame Sargasso can't get the stone herself. She claims her magic can't reach past and control the monster Monac.

Jabber makes a trampoline of himself to let Clamhead and Shelly bounce up to the power stone. Also Monac.

Madame Sargasso finally emerges from behind the mirror when the Neptunes bring back the power stone. She announces she'll make slaves of everyone, which Shelly says goes back on her promise to free everyone. I don't believe Madame Sargasso actually promised anything but to let the Neptunes free.

Bubbles disguises herself as Madame Sargasso on the flaming mirror thing to free the zombie slaves and make way the path for their escape.

Madame Sargasso uses her magic powers to whip up bubbles, spider webs, and other obstacles during the chase. She also shrinks Jabberjaw to hand-sized, but he steals her magic belt and captures the minions in a sailing-ship-in-a-bottle.

Biff says they need to get off this crazy island (of Madame Sargasso's). It's an island?

Jabberjaw conjures up a miniature Monoc in his closing magic routine.

Trivia: In 1790 James Madison calculated that, were the Federal capital to be placed on the Potomac River, Southern congressmen would have to travel a cumulative 12,782 miles to reach it, while Northern congressmen would travel a mere cumulative 12,422 miles. This was by way of arguing such a site was not really a ``Southern'' capital. Source: The Grand Idea: George Washington's Potomac and The Race To The West, Joel Achenbach.

Currently Reading: The Path Betwen The Seas: The Creation Of The Panama Canal: 1870 - 1914, David McCullough.


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