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Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabber, Jabberjaw, Jabberjaw

[ You know what we really haven't seen in the Jabber-verse? Lots of robots. It's time to correct that. Also, we get about as much information on the worldwide structure of the Jabberverse as we could hope to get; naturally, the information doesn't really explain very much. ]

Episode Number: JBJ-13
Title: "Malice in Aqualand"
Original Airdate: 27 November 1976
Plot: Doctor Cybron plans to replace world leaders with robot duplicates, presumably as part of taking over the world. When Jabberjaw spots the duplication of the Rajah of Hydrapore the Neptunes are chased by Cybron through the themed worlds of Aqualand.
Locations: Aqualand, Hydrapore.
Guest Characters: Doctor Cybron, Zolon, Robot Rajah, Two Minions, Stewardess, Real Rajah, Steward, Attendants, Honor Band, Rodeo attendees, Rodeo attendants, World leaders (off-screen), Robot guards, Ringmaster, Circus audience.
Songs: ``Cruising 2062'' (chase).

The Rajah of Hydrapore is leader of the Undersea National Organization.

Jabberjaw tries to hide his sharkness by wearing a trenchcoat; he blows his cover by ordering 200 pounds of minnows, a side of inner tube, and poached anchor, which the stewardess's computer identifies as shark food. Jabberjaw is grabbed and stuffed into a box for the luggage bin.

There's a big welcoming committee for the Real Rajah at the same time as the Neptunes arrive; Shelly fools herself into thinking it's for her.

The Neptunes have a hotel at Western Land, and go from there to the rodeo. At the rodeo, horses, calves, and riders are all robots.

Bubbles sets Jabberjaw's robot on ``Super Bull'', which swiftly throws and then ropes him.

The Rajah is abducted and replaced with the robot while entering the rodeo arena. Jabberjaw sees the swap but is unable to convince anyone immediately.

Biff seems terribly gloomy at the robot stagecoach being --- gulp --- remote controlled.

Jabberjaw is squeezed out of the runaway stagecoach through the keyhole, and then blows up into a balloon for the full escape.

The other kidnapped world leaders chant ``Ra-jah, Ra-jah'', when the dungeon is opened; they're not immediately shown.

When the Neptunes call for the police they get one of Cybron's minions as operator, and is put through to Cybron impersonating the chief of police.

Cybron tells the Neptunes to send someone to Aqualand ``headquarters'' to see someone in charge of robots and get secret instructions. Bubbles is sent and duplicated as a robot who'll deal with the rest of them.

Cybron also has a shrink ray to miniaturize anyone who resists Robot Bubbles. In trying to follow Robot Bubbles, Jabberjaw gets stuck in the Murphy bed, and Robot Bubbles uses her expanding robot arms to fetch him out.

The chase reaches Medieval Land. The other Neptunes figure to ``make a net out of that tapestry'' to catch Robot Bubbles. Jabberjaw does a ``whaddaya think I am, an anchovy from Arkansas? A fish egg from Florida? A worm from Wyoming?''

Robot Bubbles is broken when she accidentally shrinks the castle wall she's on out of existence. The robot is reassembled to let the Neptunes sneak into Cybron's lair.

The Neptunes use the shrinking of Robot Bubbles's ray as a way to escape the jail cell. They find the Real Rajah stuffed inside a robot shell.

They use the ``Jabberoo Snaggeroo'' to get the robot guards' belt control off his belt. This involves making a stack of people to grab the belt.

Circus Land is the next spot the chase takes the gang. There's a roller coaster in the background. Jabberjaw hides in the cannon.

Doctor Cybron is a robot too, which I guess is the punch line of the Westworld riffing going on.

The aqualiner from here is going to San Franaqua.

The Rajah gives Jabberjaw a jewelled turban.

Trivia: The launch of Viking 13/Vanguard TV-0 on 8 December 1956 reached an altitude of 126.5 miles and a range of 97.6 miles. Source: Project Vanguard: The NASA History, Constance McLaughlin Green, Milton Lomask. NASA SP-4202.

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