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Take all the worry out of your mind

I was tempted to gently snicker and mention to my friend that he didn't have to punch the ``Open Door'' button; elevator doors open themselves. The belief you have to hit Open is persistent in Singapore society. It's a good thing I didn't; this time, the door didn't open. The car just sat there, dot-matrix display turning to a down arrow. He jabbed the button more insistently; I pushed the nearest lower floor button, and between the two we got the door open.

Other campus elevators, including the slowest elevator in the world, have nifty Windows-driven LCD screens showing huge embossed-metal-effect up or down arrows spinning. I know they're Windows systems because I've seen them crashed. I hope the software not up to the challenge of drawing an ``up'' arrow doesn't have controlling authority over the elevator.

I only saw a bit of the Presidential Debate -- too early for me -- but it appeared unknown parties kidnapped George W. Bush from bed at quarter to 5 a.m., threw him into the auditorium, shone a spotlight in his eyes, and then slapped him with a fish. Did somebody throw him by asking where the ``Weapons of Mass Destruction'' went or something?

The first shipment of southern Malaysia poultry came yesterday, after last-minute paperwork delays. Received were eggs, ducks, then chickens, in that order.

Trivia: The programming error of writing if (a = b) -- setting a equal to b rather than testing for equality with if (a == b) -- occurs on average once every 3,306 lines of commercial C code. Source: Safer C: Developing Software for High-Integrity and Safety-Critical Systems, Les Hatton.

Currently Reading: The Jersey Game, James M DiClerico and Barry J Pavelec.

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