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I do not have a well-developed sense of rhythm. I'm aware rhythm exists and that other people are sensitive to it, but apart from a lifelong fascination with clocks it mostly passes me by, except when bunny_hugger tries to wrangle the hideous thing I pass of as dancing into something appropriate for the venue. And yet I'm fascinated by several of the rhythm-based exercises which WiiFit offers, probably because they are so inherently challenging. I've never come near a perfect Rhythm Kung-Fu; I have come close to perfect Rhythm Boxing a few occasions; and while I've managed a perfect Rhythm March (a particularly festive affair) a few times on Basic, I've never managed it on Advanced.

This was true until Friday, when --- despite wearing ten pounds of ankle weights on each foot and a 20-pound weight vest, and being distracted by my father talking about whatever he needed to sigh about --- I did a perfect Advanced March for the first time ever. And then, to kick off what must be labelled Statistical Outlier Saturday, I managed this feat again in Saturday afternoon's exercise session. I'll clearly never manage this again ever. I'm afraid to even try; it'd be nice to go out on twin perfections.

Meanwhile, The Price Is Right is clearly aware of this Statistical Outlier of a week and that I'm watching. Every single Showcase Showdown this week was won by the second spinner. All ten of them in a row, won by number two. I leave as an exercise for the Basic student figuring out the chance of this ever happening, and for the Intermediate student the chance of figuring out the probability that this has ever happened a second time since they inaugurated Showcase Showdowns in 1975. And for the Advanced how long we can expect to go without a 50-50 chance of seeing such a week again.

Of course this really blows the tracking of the winners out of the water; I doubt this anomaly will heal before the end of the season. I'm not saying I suspect anything going on at The Price Is Right. I'm just saying that in this household we obey the Law of Large Numbers.

Trivia: The third volume (covering the letter C) of the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was dedicated to Queen Victoria (to which she had agreed in 1896). Source: The Professor And The Madman: A Tale Of Murder, Insanity, And The Making Of The Oxford English Dictionary, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: England In The Later Middle Ages, M H Keen.


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