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Happy birthday, everyone

As the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, Wednesday 28 January is everyone's birthday. It does clear out the rest of the year for other occasions. Perhaps some bright entrepeneur will fill the rest of the year with Saturdays and rent it out to the National League.

In local news, CityCab has decided it will not charge damages against, or record demerit points for, a taxi driver who had an accident during heavy rains on Saturday night. While turning into the apartment complex at Kentish Lodge, he drove into what he took to be a large puddle in the parking lot.

It was the swimming pool.

CityCab concluded that -- given the night, the heavy rain, and that the cement planters which ordinarily block off the pool were removed for renovations -- the driver was not at fault. The taxi was retrieved by crane, after the pool was emptied. And the driver will be back to work in a few days, when his nerves recover.

Trivia: Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales (1707-1751), father to King George III (1738-1820), was one of the first Englishmen known to have played cricket. Cite: George III: A Personal History, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently reading: The Gathering Storm, Winston Churchill.


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