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For Wednesday bunny_hugger and I planned to visit her parents at their home. This was mainly to pick up her rabbit, who'd been kept by them for the con's duration, but also so they could get excessively worried about me seeing and somehow disapproving of their house.

If that above paragraph seems like an overblown fear, it really is. Apparently they somehow got the idea that I keep an extremely tidy home and would look down on one that shows the ordinary clutter of being livd in. In reality, I pretty much never have a horizontal surface that hasn't got multiple layers of things on it, and while the place is never actually filthy or packed to the point of danger it's never what any rational person might consider neat either. Their house, meanwhile, was at the level of cleanliness and order that reflects (for me) a couple weeks of getting ready for company and long, often shout-ridden sessions of tidying up with my parents.

Going down presented some unusual driving conditions, not least because we remembered after we got on the road that it was, technically, the day before Thanksgiving and we were at the early but verifiable parts of rush hour and oh, yes, at this kind of hour and this sort of day the highway we were taking did indeed get a bit rushed. That cleared up by the outskirts of Lansing, at least, and didn't really get bad as we approached her parents' town. We even had a bit of time to spare to drive around and see a college where bunny_hugger used to teach, although that got us twisted the wrong way around getting to her parents' from there and we passed again one of the historical markers that are unreadable from actual traffic. I think that was the one representing the composing of a religious song I don't know.

Her parents have dogs, a pair of sisters I believe it is who are rescued animals and extremely tetchy and nervous and nervous, particularly with things like strangers. I'd been warned many times over about this and I wasn't too worried, even though they are the model dogs that make for fair-sized bears, but they did do a lot of suspicious barking while I stood still making nothing but vaguely pleasant sounds waiting for them to come to the conclusion that they had adequately warned me not to try anything funny. Per bunny_hugger's parent's suggestion I gave one a treat, which calmed her considerably; the other wouldn't get near enough to me to take a treat but continued to watch suspiciously.

As I say they were worried about their house, really unnecessarily as it's lovely, and her father had the chance to show off some of the memorabilia he has collected regarding the Boer War. He has what might be considered an excessive interest in the Boer War, what with his having an interest in the Boer War despite being (a) an American and (b) living after 1905. But I was genuinely interested, and I think he appreciated meeting someone who was able to talk with any knowledge about the controversial chocolate-making aspects of the British war effort. He has a tin of contemporary chocolate, among other souvenirs.

For what we were actually doing the plan was simply to have dinner, which we did at a local Mexican restaurant that's been around a good while and was not so busy as I might expect for the day before Thanksgiving. I'd have thought that a day people would want to not cook themselves because they'd been doing prep work for a week already. It's along a pretty nice-looking downtown strip which was itself well closed up for the evening by the time we got there, I suppose because people don't go shopping for yarn or used records at that hour of Thanksgiving Eve.

We did think to have a dessert, with the most popular choice being going to an ice cream stand even though it was about 20 degrees out. The wisdom of this policy never got a real test, as the ice cream place turned out to be closed, and we went around to an alternate plan of picking up a pack of those slightly highbrow cookies from the store and eating those and tea back home while her parents apologized for the perfectly unremarkable state their couch was in (they have a couch, and two large dogs, and the couch is in good shape for that) and the dogs periodically rediscovered me to their general alarm.

In all, a perfectly fine day and a happy chance to see bunny_hugger's parents again. And we brought her rabbit home to get comfortable in the familiar old place again before all the fuss of Thanksgiving started up.

Trivia: The Babylonian Zodiac sign corresponding to the Latin Aries was the Hired Hand. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Mars 3-D: A Rover's-Eye View Of The Red Planet, Jim Bell.


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