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It's only natural

Wednesday was to be our last day together, but I did have the consolation that it would be a reasonably long day, since bunny_hugger's flight was not until 8 pm. I was wrong.

Her flight actually was about 5 pm, which I should in theory have had right since it was in the itinerary she e-mailed me before coming out. I may have just mis-read it, or possibly read the departure time for her connecting flight instead, or something like that. But when she told me of the correct time I realized several things, beyond that I was losing three hours with her.

Among them: it was a good thing we'd gone to the Freehold Raceway Mall to ride the carousel the previous day, since we would have been hard-pressed to schedule a visit Wednesday. We could have made it, it turned out, but I wouldn't have wanted to count on that. It did mean we'd cancel again plans to visit the Woodbridge Center Mall, which also is reported to have a carousel and which I think I remember. Each visit we say we might make it there and we haven't managed yet. Maybe next time.

Another minor consequence: bunny_hugger and my mother wouldn't have the chance to say goodbye. In fact, given our late rising and late returning, they hadn't seen each other since Monday. I thought she might not see my father either, but he popped in while we were making sure she had what she needed to fly, and more, what she had intended to take home. (She had.) My father was glad to have the chance to say goodbye; he's always charmed by her.

For the last meal together we took in another of our little traditions, splitting a giant cheese hoagie at Jersey Mike's. It's a satisfyingly filling sort of lunch. And after the meal we spent a satisfying time lingering over the Coffee News, a free one-page flyer that populates local eating places and contains advertisements for local eating places as well as the sorts of vaguely-human-interest, vaguely-verifiable things that populate or the e-mails from your aunt that you don't read. A cat recently adopted a squirrel, which is cute, I guess, although ``recently'' was, I think, two years ago, and the location was Australia, supposedly, and see if you can track that down to a verifiable news story.

So while we were amused by it we also looked at the evidence of the copy coming from the Internet. There was a Carl Sagan quote, for example, using the British spellings so we could trace that to somebody copy-pasting quotes without reading them (or at least copy-editing them). And there was a trivia quiz on which bunny_hugger did much better than I did, although we agreed some of the questions had intolerably vague specifications. I thought they did, anyway.

And those were the circumstances under which we drove up to the airport. With several more days of snow-cleaning and sublimation traffic was pretty much recovered, with a drive pretty near normal. We got up with about enough time to wander through a few shops and look at the toy planes before bunny_hugger needed to go through security and find her gate.

Although I could identify where her gate was, the specific plane she'd be getting on was obstructed by flight information boards. So I waited in the food court until she was safely in the air, and drove home, to hopefully catch her before I had to go to bed and learn what the resolution of that spider game she'd been playing was.

Trivia: The first national party convention Eleanor Roosevelt attended was the Democratic convention in Baltimore in 1912. Source: No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front In World War II, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Currently Reading: The River At The Center Of The World: A Journey Up The Yangze, And Back In Chinese Time, Simon Winchester.


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