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If our Northeastern winter fest is too much with its ice and its hail

With the 46th major snow of the season so far wiping out Thursday this week --- and forecasts that a fresh snow might do something around about Wednesday, which I'd take seriously if I believed in forecasts that specific five days out --- I had the key to telling when I could roll over and go back to bed finally revealed to me. I also got a wonderful clue as to just how the world has changed.

The key is Twitter. I've found how I can tell from rolling over, getting my computer or iPad, and checking the correct feed whether I should expect to slog in to work despite the snow, or whether I can go back for two hours of sleep, or go back for more. This isn't because my current employer communicates this information via Twitter; the company's too small and too disorganized for anything that sophisticated.

But the main clients for the company are state, county, and municipal governments and quasi-government organizations. Since there are so many groups that means it's just about impossible they'll all agree on whether the weather makes the workday impossible, but the majority will follow state declarations of whether to just come in late, or not come in at all. All I have to do is check what the governor or lieutenant governor, if they can be bothered to show their faces in-state during the storm, have declared and rely on that. It's not a perfect measure but given my fantastically non-essential role it does mean I can pretty safely stand on what I get from a minute's wakefulness at 6:10 am to decide I don't need to be up until noon. Bring on the snow.

Trivia: Lucasian Chair of Mathematics George Gabriel Stokes [ yes, that Stokes ] independently discovered spectral analysis sometime before 1852, although he failed to publish and so Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchoff receive the credit. Source: Salt: Grain of Life, Pierre Laszlo.

Currently Reading: Cromwell, Antonia Fraser.


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