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I'm running behind on ``Pay The Rent'' over at The Price Is Right: they played it again on the 18th, and the contestant played all right, taking the show for $10,000 and stopping at just the right time. I suspect the game is turning into one where the contestant wins either $10,000 or nothing, with only the timid stopping at $5,000 and nobody taking the $1,000 you could get just for showing up.

The prizes this time were popcorn seasoning ($2.79), cereal (Cocoa Pebbles, specifically) ($4.49), Salvadorean Beans ($1.49), Sara Lee Cheesecake ($6.69), Pedialyte electrolyte solution ($5.29), and square-bottomed plastic cups ($3.49). On the first level the contestant put the popcorn seasoning ($2.79 total); the second, the cereal and beans ($5.98 total); the third, the electrolyte solution and the plastic cups ($8.78 total); and the fourth, the cheesecake ($6.69 total).

They've also apparently decided to be absolutely brutal against the constants. It's fair enough that as best I can tell there's only one valid, winning placement of prizes. It's the placement that's so hard. The winning combination looks to me to be: on the first level, the electrolyte ($5.29 total); on the second, cereal and beans ($5.98 total); on the third, seasoning and plastic cups ($6.28 total); and on the fourth, cheesecake ($6.69 total). That's not just a tight bound between the third and fourth level; that's tight on every level. Any game where you put the second-most-expensive item in the first spot you're messing with the contestants' heads.

Trivia: Construction of the Panama Canal required more than 61,000,000 pounds of dynamite, more than had been used by the United States in all its wars up to that point. [ Admittedly, the United States had not so many chances to use dynamite in wars prior to the 1910s. ] Source: The Path Between The seas: The Creation Of The Panama Canal: 1870 - 1914, David McCullough.

Currently Reading: The Revolution Of Nihilism: Warning to The West, Hermann Rauschning. This is a library book-sale book and a curious one, a 1938-to-May-1939 warning of what Germany is really like and what's to be expected. Least surprising prediction: Naziism won't simply burn itself out but will be either destroyed or exhausted in contest by other great powers. Most surprising prediction: that the youth have no enthusiasm or energy for the regime and it'll collapse if it tries to depend on that resource. Most routine prediction: that Germany hasn't got the strength for a prolonged war but could see a lot of victories in the short term probably ending in total collapse.


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