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I need to make a little amendment to an earlier post. I talked about the theater on my commuting route which had gone out of business and posted ``THEATER CLOSED'' on its sign, noting that at least they had enough letters for that, unlike any of the movie titles they'd ever had that I'd seen. That's not so. I realized the past week that while on one side they do manage ``THEATER CLOSED'', on the other side, they only have up ``THATER CLOSED''.

What is it about movie theater marquis displays that they never have enough of the right kinds of letters for whatever they want to spell out? It can't exclusively be trying to win their way to a place on Leno's Headlines segment, can it? I mean, the theater guys had theoretically all the letters that previously provided two-thirds coverage of ten movie titles. And they ran out of letters E? What goes on here?

In other news, I talked with my brother, the one who budded his Netflix Instant account off to our Wii. He's noticed how much my father and I have been watching, since recently viewed stuff turns up on one of the menus shown there. He hasn't minded our selections polluting his perfectly clean data profile, and says we've been expanding his horizons by putting in stuff he wouldn't have thought to watch. This is fair enough as I've watched some stuff because it turned out from his recent viewing. Surely the nudging into each other's spheres of things we wouldn't have thought to try is one of those things brothers who like each other should do, isn't it?

Trivia: By 1910 attendance at the average major league baseball game had risen to 4,969. (Mind, New York and several other major cities were prohibited from playing on Sundays.) Source: The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, And The New York Giants Created Modern Baseball, Frank Deford.

Currently Reading: The Revolution Of Nihilism: Warning to The West, Hermann Rauschning.


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