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I guess every good picker has had some hard times

I did not go to work on Friday. This, apparently, surprised my boss. I'm fine with that.

My project has gone from pretty much zero in October --- when I finally got the correct software needed for my task, rather than what I had been given --- to completed. However, my boss had been pleading for me to come in on five-day weeks to hurry it up. Measured since I got the original, incorrect, software, things are insanely late, yes; measured since I got what I actually needed I think speed has been right zippy. In any case, between previously scheduled days off, holidays, and snow days I've actually worked surprisingly few five-day weeks.

Which is not to say that it has not collapsed the meager morale I'd had, particularly after earlier this week my boss sent me an early-morning e-mail angrily insisting that nothing about my project was working and what kind of programmer did I think I was. This forced me to waste the day establishing that everything essential about it, and most of the cosmetic things about it, worked. And it continued to work until Thursday when my boss screwed up one of the servers in his quest to improve the response speed. The project issluggish, the result of network latency issues, and I need to re-think carefully just how many and what kinds of server calls are made, but I was aiming --- and had told him I was aiming --- for functionality first, speed afterward. And I recognized this as him setting up for a fresh round of Crisis! and You Have To Come In Or Else!

And this is why I chose the ``Else''.

Sometime in the morning, they called to ask where I was. My father peeked in my room, didn't notice me in bed (I did have the pillow over my head), and reported I'd gone out. So my father called my hand phone, and work called my brother, trying to figure out where I was, if I'd had an accident, or what.

When I did wake up, and surprised my father with my presence, I agreed with him that I had to say something to work. So I called and explained that I was not coming in today; I had to think seriously about my programming and why I was doing it; and that I should be in Monday. And I suppose I will.

Today, anyway.

Trivia: In 1936 Unilever introduced its new Spry canned vegetable oil with the claim that it was ``extra-creamed''. Proctor and Gamble responded by claiming Crisco was ``double-creamed';. This provoked Unilever to proclaim Spry to be ``triple-creamed''. Proctor and Gamble finally won out with its ``super-creamed'' Crisco. Source: The Company: A Short History Of A Revolutionary Idea, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge.

Currently Reading: Close-Ups: The Movie Star Book, Editor Danny Peary. This is a book my father brought home from a guy whose house he's eternally repairing; the guy hoards everything and is roughly content to give stuff away, so, my father grabbed a bunch of books to restock my reading reserve as though I needed the help. Anyway, the late-70s book is short essays by movie people about their favorite movie people. While there's a diverse and surprisingly durable set of stars represented --- thirty years after publishing I'm not seeing names that clearly don't belong there --- they all read like those Turner Classic Movies short bits where somebody tries to defend the proposition that Humphrey Bogart was really good in a bunch of movies.


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