austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

I told myself that it was all a bad dream

So what did I do after refusing to go in to work?

One thing I did was go for a hair cut. I was getting to about the point I was due --- the last time was just before going to bunny_hugger in November --- and besides, I need a photograph for my passport renewal and it'd be nice to have an official picture in which I don't look shaggy, so I'll be completely unrecognizable every time I fly from now on. Fortunately my barber was in and, and he had a bit of a line so I was able to spend time reading, which was all quite soothing to me.

Also I found a tiny used book store happens to be almost right along the path I'd used to drive there. It's not something obvious I'd been missing; the store is the tiniest thing buried within a pedestrian plaza with a street address that's misleading, and even when I got there with the help of iPad I only found it because I asked a mailman. But it's a nice tiny shop and I'm glad to have further options in getting behind on my reading.

After my haircut I went to the Silverball museum, bought an all-day pass, and played. And played. And played some more. There were a few machines I'd hoped to play which were out of order --- Twilight Zone and Cyclone, particularly --- and one fellow with at least one six-pack was on FunHouse the entire time I was there, but there were plenty of machines to play. And I even had a fantastic Theater Of Magic game, one of those where I couldn't help hitting ramp combos. I was even in the zone on Skee-Ball, with five 30-or-40 point shots in a row. I didn't make a 50 or 100-pointer, but racking up 270 points in nine balls was a new personal record.

And then, for dinner, I went to that vegetarian/vegan restaurant bunny_hugger and I had visited, and had a simulated pork roll with onion rings.

It would turn out back at the office my boss had called my brother, and got him to visit to look over my code and figure out what kind of state it's in, and also have dinner. My brother e-mailed suggesting if I got down there and had dinner with them it might break the tension between us. Had I got this e-mail on Friday I wouldn't have gone anyway, but I can't say that having some intermediary might make it clearer that I don't respond well to management-by-crisis and I don't take well to accusations of incompetence when everything is in good working order.

Trivia: The ordeal of trial by battle was not officially abolished from English law until 1819. Source: In The Wake Of The Plague: The Black Death And The World It Made, Norman F Cantor.

Currently Reading: Communications And Empire: Media, Markets, and Globalization, 1860 - 1930, Dwayne R Winseck, Robert M Pike. OK, so, in May 1919 the Council of Ten calls for a World Communication Conference of every interested nation, with ``only Costa Rica, Turkey, Germany, Austria and Hungary'' specifically excluded. Man, big burn on Costa Rica there, huh?


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