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You want an assignment; I see no concession

And the word has come down! Long after I'd assumed the proposal had gone off into that gentle sort of rejection where the editor pretends he just didn't hear the question, the publishers from my first coauthored textbook have agreed they think there'll be enough to justify a second edition.

It's not just the proposal sent in way back whenever it was, I should point out. We've been doing some new research and that's going to add several substantial new chapters. Probably if we didn't have that the proposal would have been left in its un-answered, don't-worry-about-it nothingness. But we have the new content, which is already one paper and should expand to several more, and all works out.

I'm really looking forward to this. Writing is fun, but looking at it on paper made me really see its sins, some of them minor (badly edited paragraphs, for example), some of them unforgiveable (pulling together disparate sources meant we had to have one symbol mean something different the last chapter from what it meant the rest of the book). I'm very looking forward to getting that cleaned up.

Trivia: Waxy maize (or waxy corn), used for providing cooking starch, was bred for seed from a 1908 Chinese import during World War II, when the Southeast Asian supply of tapioca was cut off from the West. Source: Twinkie, Deconstructed Steve Ettlinger.

Currently Reading: Living Dangerously: The Adventures of Merian C Cooper, Creator of King Kong, Mark Cotta Vaz. And, uh, wow. So the guy was shot down in World War I, presumed dead, but captured by the Germans, and then joined the Kosciusko squadron in the Polish-Soviet War, was shot down again, presumed dead, but captured by the Soviets, and made an escape on foot back to the west. And then he started having adventures like, well, Carl Denhan.

[ Miscellaneous oddities: at the end of The Price Is Right the weather reporter, talking about the beautiful weather, said it was going to change soon and he teased, ``We'll talk about the risk of fires, maybe some snow.'' Risk of fires? Of course, that's where the Tivo cut off. ]


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