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Give me a ticket for an aeroplane

Oh, some fresh nuggets of data-mining gold. One of my friends from grad school went into this field for, I believe, American Airlines. I should ask him to go kick the United computer. In today's e-mail:

Subject: Enjoy an unforgettable week in Singapore with United
Singapore— truly a city like no other. A bridge between the East and West, Singapore is a vibrant melting pot of ideas, cultures, peoples and cuisine. Your visit is sure to leave you enriched, recharged and craving for more.

It offers truly marvelous fares for flying, between 15 October and 8 December, from Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, or Washington to Singapore. They've got me perfectly targeted, except starting from the wrong continent, flying the wrong days, and coming from cities I have never flown to. Washington and Chicago I've visited by car; Chicago, Los Angeles, and Denver I've flown through.

In midterm grading carnage, two students (of 134) got three of the eight true/false questions right. Worst score was 21; several had 100's. The mean was 75.8, standard deviation 14.1, so I guess the test was just about right. An elevator door was slow in opening; another balked while halfway open. I don't explain it; I just report it. Also somehow an RPI Alumni in Singapore group found me.

Trivia: Dave Barry's son Rob was born on 8 October. Source: Dave Barry Slept Here, Dave Barry.

Currently Reading: The Halfling and other stories, Leigh Brackett.


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