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There's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this Fall

And among other incidents last week, on Wednesday I had lunch with chefmongoose. He's been through New Jersey on somewhat lengthy drives several times recently, but we've had bad luck in not being able to synchronize our schedules. In one of these incidents he actually went from the Silverball Museum, drove west, ate at the White Castle I go to because it's nearest, and we still weren't able to arrange anything.

This time, we were able to get organized despite my inability to check my text messages in a timely manner, at a diner none too far from either my workplace or his projected path. (It's one that happens to insist on its sign that they were voted the Best Diner for 2008 and 2009, suggesting they're slipping or the votes aren't in yet for 2010.) Remarkably, or unremarkably, he didn't remark on my weight loss even though I'm pretty sure he hasn't seen me since I shed a third of my body weight. Possibly he was immunized by hearing so very much about it. But I was wearing the Land's End pants given as Christmas present by bunny_hugger, so I felt I was cutting a dashing figure. I mean dashing for me.

As for lunch (mutual omelettes, it turned out), we had a pretty normal sort of conversation. I did ``leak'' news about my expected second-unclehood, as well as the news about the Really Bad Hanna-Barbera burn-on-demand DVDs, which may establish the existence of my lead time on these essays in case anyone still thought I dashed them off ten minutes after midnight the day-of. And chefmongoose spoke of the merits of the new My Little Pony series, fandom of which has been working its way through my friends like a pastel-candy-colored Borg virus. Well, he's enjoying it anyway. As I say, not an eventful lunch but a nice one to have.

Afterward, I realized I had completely forgotten to give him the DVD of Ratatoing I have.

Trivia: Tiny steam engines to provide power around the home were produced in the late 19th century, although the roles they would serve were replaced by motors. Source: Home: A Short History Of An Idea, Witold Rybczynski.

Currently Reading: Project: Millennium, Curtis H Hoffmann. One of those corrupt law-defying super-entertainment consortiums of the future works up for their client a grand little millennial festival: an interstellar war between King Richard III and Thor. From that alone the book ought to be Tyrannosaurs-In-F-14s awesome, and yet, it's plodding. And the back cover lies (well, of course) about the story, which promises Richard III and Thor turning on EvilCo; they do, but it's not the main thrust of the book.


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