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Another short month, yet one with a nearly full complement of The Price Is Right games for statistics. There was only the one rerun, the 15th, although there were a couple of freak games. One came on the 8th, where each of the contestants in the first Showcase Showdown spun 80 cents; in the spin-off, the first two both spun 20 cents (though the third won with 45 cents). That's the first triple tie this season.

The Valentine's Day show had a Showcase with three cars given out, although the contestant pair who had only the single car in theirs managed a Double Showcase Win --- coming in just $34 under the actual retail price --- and so came out with all three cars after all. And the Showcase for the 21st had a real freak prize, by my standards: besides a trip to Miami and a convertible it included, allegedly, 365 pairs of women's shoes. I think I'm overstocked on shoes because I have three pairs of dress shoes I could wear. The total package for 365 pairs of shoes, a convertible, and a trip to Miami came to $53,973; I'd really like to know what the shoes came to separately. The kind of shoes I buy, 365 pairs could easily run to thousands of dollars.

For those getting into the Showcase, the third spinner was on a relative hot streak this month, but the second spinner's early season lead has yet to wear completely down:

First Second Third
Month 12 10 16
Season 72 76 70

And the lowest winning spin creeps down just a little bit for the tied winner with no overspins, and introduces a new row for the lowest winning triple tie:

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 65 30 5
Tied Win 65 55 -
Triple Tie 80 - -

Trivia: The Babylonian Zodiac sign corresponding to the Latin Gemini was the Twins. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards. (This isn't the most surprising trivia item I've had.)

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