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Who could ask for anything more?

There is a non-trivial part of me which believes my father thinks I exercise only to annoy him. I've tried to minimize my occupation of the living room and television set, which has forced me into doing precious little but the Step Aerobics, stepping onto and off of the (elevated) Balance Board to a ready beat for a half-hour stretch at a time. And even at this my father keeps complaining about the racket which the remote produces in beeping off the regular steps. I should mention, I believe my father's worked up a complete resistance to his hearing aid except for any noises which I make, which he hears with perfect fidelity and somehow at twenty times louder than they actually are.

So, what I finally did was to go to a music store and find that ... they were in the process of moving so they couldn't help me with anything. So, I went to a different music store (having a retirement sale, although they were staying open under a younger family member) and found the metronomes. I bought a combination digital metronome-and-tuner for $25, since the metronome-by-itself was $30, and don't think I understand that.

It took some experimentation, but I've got the hang now of stepping in rhythm to the flashing LEDs, and I find myself surprisingly fond of the ability to gradually ratchet up the beat. I'm at 120 steps per minute right now, compared to the WiiFit's designed maximum of 100, and I feel just challenged enough that it's a worthwhile exercise. I haven't experimented with the non-uniform beats. And I'm still looking for something to tune.

Meanwhile, my father's taken to going off and sulking when I get to exercising so I don't think he's yet aware that I can now do my stepping in silence.

Trivia: A Society for the Detection of Horse Thieves and Robbers, claiming a membership of 300, existed in Enfield, Connecticut, at least as late as 1938. It reported a treasury at that time of five hundred dollars. Source: The Old Post Road: The Story Of The Boston Post Road, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: A Point Of Honor, Dorothy J Heydt.


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