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And Jupiter aligns with Mars

I'm here! I'm here! Sometime while I was off at work the download of files from my Time Capsule to my new computer was completed, and I'm in the process of that elaborate act of curation which is deciding what programs I want to have entered back into my computing life. Some are obvious, such as TextWrangler, which I'm on right now. It's the pleasant sort of text editor that does many things well, chief among them being pretty much the same program as BBEdit Light that I started using in, like, 1998 and don't see any reason to change from now, thank you.

That's not to say everything is just right, just yet. For one, there's further conversions and repairs and modifications under way, as I try to remember just what all my many fussy little preferences for things are; even something as simple as a text editor has all sorts of things like, the typeface doesn't look quite right but is that because I forgot what my old typeface was or because I just have the size a little bit wrong? (I had the size a little wrong.)

And there's further conversion stuff under way. For example, iPhoto as I write this is going through my 22,697 photographs trying to identify the faces held in common. I'm not sure if that number is my hyperbole. Some of these will be easy; I take a lot of photographs of scenery without really taking pictures of anyone particular. Some of them will be hard, such as trying to reconcile my bearded appearance from my shaved one. That doesn't mean it can't be funny: the first face I saw it recognize was that of my sister, who's posed for about three photographs in her entire life, and two of them were her wedding pictures. ``With this search engine we have finally overcome privacy!''

Trivia: By 1831 Joseph Henry, using electric relays, was able to send signals through a mile of wire. Source: The History Of Physics, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: Cocktail Time: A Novel About A Novel, P G Wodehouse.


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