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No time to wallow in the mire

So, I fully appreciate that there are difficulties with the North American Power Grid, what with it being 125 years' worth of hacking and retrofitting to try getting a system to work with the arbitrarily-set standards from when Tesla wasn't crazy and the primary maintenance being hasty splicing after someone's backhoe splits the city's power mains. And we've had an awkward, stumbling progression from winter into spring, which is to say, we've had a spring. And there've been several days with the sort of heavy rain that leaves every building in the county several inches shorter.

Anyway, I know there'll be the occasional power failure, particularly associated with heavy rains or lightning storms. We got one back on Tuesday and it made for a fine chance to re-set the multiple clocks in the kitchen so they're within a minute of each other. (The living room is currently clock-less, since the radio set is still unrepaired, the DVD player shows no time, and the VCR remote's buttons for clock set don't work so it simply shows - - - - instead of any time.) The Wii is still a couple minutes ahead, but since it doesn't show the time prominently it's an ignorable problem.

On Wednesday, it happened again, just as my mother was ready to leave for work, so she got to learn how to use the manual drawstring for the garage door. As I was the first one home and got in just over twelve hours later, the disorienting result was seeing the clocks all blinking roughly 12:10 p.m., which you don't often see.

Still, nice as it is to get the house clocks synchronized again I'd like for this power failure routine to knock it off.

Trivia: The computer problem which delayed the first launch of the space shuttle Columbia to the 12th of April, 1981, was a 40 millisecond timing error in the switch of the orbiter's backup fifth computer requesting data from the primaries, forcing a scrub at T minus 16 minutes. The error turned out to have arisen during initial loading of the flight programs, at T minus 15 hours. Source: Development Of The Space Shuttle, 1972 - 1981, T A Heppenheimer.

Currently Reading: Look Away! A History Of The Confederate States Of America, William C Davis.


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