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[ Cinematic Titanic event gone to; report to follow, sooner or later. ]

Another week, another Pay The Rent opportunity on The Price Is Right. Actually, it seems to run about one every two and a half weeks, if I'm not getting too distorted in my sense of time, and apparently Pay The Tuition was just a one-time novelty for the spring break show. For the 15th of April --- a total-failure day in the pricing games, by the way, and saved from a double overbid conclusion by one contestant's one-dollar bid --- they played again and the contestant did badly enough I think she revealed some strategic tips.

The prizes this time were: bottle of vegetable oil ($3.69); can of chopped onion powder ($0.99); Jelly Belly Superfruit Pretend It's Healthy Candy ($2.49); paper towels ($0.49); a can of papaya juice ($0.69); and a bag of Miracle Gro potting mix ($4.99). Once again they're getting really savage with the pricing range, although two sub-dollar items is a novelty, I think.

Her placement was, in the mailbox, the papaya juice ($0.69 for the level); in the first floor, the onion powder and the Jelly Bellies ($3.48 total); the second, vegetable oil and paper towels ($7.78); and the attic, Miracle Gro ($4.99). She seemed ready to leave at the third, $10,000 level, but the crowd rallied her into going for the fourth and losing everything.

As far as I can tell there's only one correct placement. But her placement ... well, it couldn't recover from putting the cheapest item in the lowest level; I've seen it go in the first and the second story, but seeing you've put it in the mailbox seems like it offers strategy for when to take your winnings and leave: if you could win with the two cheapest items in the first two levels there'd be too many winning configurations, when I've only found one case where there was more than one winning configuration. Spotting the cheap items in the bottom like that and you should bail out at the five- or ten-thousand-dollar levels.

Trivia: The day after Apollo 13's splashdown Richard Nixon travelled to the Johnson Space Center and awarded Gene Kranz, Glynn Lunney, and the other flight directors the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Source: A Man On The Moon, Andrew Chaikin. (I'm sure the other flight directors were fine people deserving of their full names being recorded somewhere but actually looking that up would be, like work for me.)

Currently Reading: Bottom Of The Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, And The Daring Scheme To Save Baseball From Itself, Michael Shapiro. I'm going to have to expand my thoughts on this to a separate entry.


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