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Doctor, Doctor, give me the news

More entries for ``my students are freaks'': one apologized for not handing in her assignment in class this morning, and gave a medical certificate excusing absence. Yes, they turn in notes from their doctors. I didn't have the heart to point out it wasn't due until 5 p.m., and I don't care about attendance.

Also I got an e-mail protesting a multiple-choice question marked wrong. The question asked the output of some code. Unfortunately I mistakenly included periods in the code's outputs, which I forgot in the multiple-choice answer outputs. When I noticed (during the exam), I lowered the room lights, announced the mistake, put the correction on the overhead, and said, ``None of these questions are deliberately trick questions.''

(They did, however, refer to Troy, New York's brief status as a National League baseball city, mostly because I felt like it. Troy and Worcester, Massachusetts, are currently ``honorary'' National League members, and the Giants and Phillies have been ripping both off for a hundred-some-odd years now.)

He'd picked None of the Above, because the answers had to be perfectly right, and since none of the answers had periods, he ``thought that was a trap you wanted to test us.'' He noticed the typo, and an announcement of a different problem in the same question (gah), but not this. How do I say, ``sharp eyes, dull ears'' gracefully? Still, it beats illucid requests to fix homework assignment code.

Trivia: A small shrew may have as few as seven billion cells in its body. Source: The Human Body: Its Structure and Operation, Isaac Asimov.

Currently Reading: The Riddle and the Knight: In Search of Sir John Mandeville, Giles Milton.

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