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No, ma'am, we won't hide it

Things develop, as they will. My brother, particularly, has his unexpected but welcome child developing. He and his partner are still happy, and I'm not certain whether my parents used a visit to Rhode Island a few weekends ago to meet her, but I imagine that my time will come.

Last week, they got their first sonograms. As best as can be determined it's developing properly and there's nothing to worry about, or at least nothing that's been worth mentioning to the family. Admittedly our family has some nontraditional views about what's worth mentioning. The child's gender they're not asking about ahead of time, preferring the more traditional surprise. And they've assigned a silly neutral placeholder name that I look forward to being used to add embarrassment to the years of teenage visitors.

Anyway, they sent to all the concerned families a set of three sonograms, although not being an expert in reading sonograms all I can really tell from them is that they appear to be sonograms. The child looks fine, if blurry, to my eye and I admit I'd have to look very carefully to tell that they aren't three of the same picture, but I'm coming at this from a peripheral viewpoint. I don't know if the kid's got a Facebook account yet.

Trivia: An anonymous letter appearing in the weekly Emigrant of Ann Arbor, Michigan, proposed the building of a steam railroad to reach from New York City by way of the Great Lakes and the Platte Valley to reach the Oregon country. The letter appeared in 1832, and appears to be one of the earliest proposals for a transcontinental railroad. Source: The Story Of American Railroads, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: Dancing In The Dark: A Cultural History Of The Great Depression, Morris Dickstein.


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