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So sing me a rainbow if you can

Other things I finally got around to doing: registering the AppleCare protection on my new laptop. Yeah, I've had it near a month, but you can add the protection within a reasonable time after buying the thing and I was busy with setting up and registering other stuff. I never know what this stuff is, but it keeps me otherwise occupied all the time.

The registration went through without a hitch until I noticed: under ``other protected products'' they listed nothing. They should have had my iPad. I fished around for a number and finally found an AppleCare telephone hotline. They were closed for the evening.

I try again the next day and after listening to several minutes of Did Anybody Actually Compose This Or Did They Just Shove Instruments In Somebody's Hands muzak got a person. After checking my name --- and my realizing I have forgotten the phonetic alphabet for several key letters in my name, bringing about some confusion --- she found the problem. My laptop was registered under my name at, while the iPad was registered under my name at my grad school address. Well, that's a relief. Did I want to merge them together, and if so, under which name? I figured I did, and for gmail.

So she tapped a few buttons and asked me to refresh the screen and see what was listed. There was my laptop and no iPad. She tried again. I cleared my cache. No joy. I tried a different web browser. No change. She tried again. No change. After --- I do not exaggerate --- twenty minutes of this she admitted defeat and asked if I could wait and be called back when she had a supervisor look this over. I'd been wanting to play Crusader Kings anyway. (I'm doing pretty well, but the crusade thing is just a pain and I see why real non-stupid kings gave it a toss.)

An hour and a half later (!) Luke, whose name I heard as Richard, called back, saying they'd got it fixed. Not according to my browser it wasn't. He tried again. No joy. After another fifteen minutes like this we established that according to the screen that listed My Current AppleCare Plans, the iPad wasn't listed, but if I went to make an appointment for coverage and looked up the panel of My Devices, both the laptop and iPad are listed. And he's quite certain I'm covered on both.

We declared this victory and that the My Current AppleCare Plans page is badly designed. (It is; it's not even clear where you're supposed to log in for it. But that seems to be coincidental to whatever the problem was.)

Trivia: The story that Ponce de León had sought the Fountain of Youth was a legend created by a Spanish historian after León's death; his Crown charter for the explorations of what became known as Florida spoke only of the search for gold. Source: A Voyage Long And Strange: Rediscovering The New World, Tony Horwitz.

Currently Reading: Dancing In The Dark: A Cultural History Of The Great Depression, Morris Dickstein.


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