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When you find those chocolate bunnies that he's hiding everywhere

Happy Easter, for those who're aware of such things. My sister and her husband came to visit, enjoying a proper Easter dinner with ham as well as vegetarian lasagna because my sister is vegetarian. Actually, the lasagna was something of an improvisation because my parents had thought she would bring something vegetarian to be her main course. She hadn't. There being vegetarian lasagna around was just the side effect of my father had made a pan of lasagna a couple days ago and didn't put any meat in, and it takes time for two people to eat quite that much lasagna.

They had good reason not to bring anything to eat. She and her husband had spent the start of the day at Great Adventure, putting their season passes to fullest possible application and dropping in here because we're not that far away. They had a fine time at Great Adventure, braving the not-quite-warm nature of the early season and enjoying the not-quite-crowds that this implies, although they advised that the flying coasters are not worth it. (My brother-in-law is giving up on flying coasters as a concept, in fact.)

Anyway, my parents were glad to have as much of the family together as they could even if my mother referred to us kids as ``heathens'' for not celebrating Easter. (I think we're properly heretics, for having been baptized but not loving up to the basic religious obligations, or maybe apostates, with heathens being those who were never in the church to start with.) We spent the day, and a long dinner, talking over just the usual sorts of low-level stuff, including the Dog Cam by which they can now confirm, anytime, day or night, that their dogs are hiding underneath a blanket in the living room. They didn't bring their dogs, so the cats were very happy and two of them were even out in public where they might be seen.

After dinner we enjoyed chocolates from Lansing, courtesy of bunny_hugger, with my sister taking the chocolate my mother had been hoping to save for herself. My sister said my mother shouldn't have been so polite if she really wanted it. We also had some salt water taffy, courtesy of my jury duty letting out early back on Monday. The apple pie was, well, the apple pie of the meal.

Trivia: The official plan for a war with Spain, proposing a blockade of Cuba, the Asiatic Squadron attempting to capture Manilla, and an assembly of thirty thousand men in Tampa to invade Cuba and Puerto Rico in the month estimated for Spain to reinforce the Caribbean, was accepted by the United States as a planning doctrine on 30 June 1897. Source: The Spanish War: An American Epic 1898, G J A O'Toole.

Currently Reading: The United States of Arugula: The Sun-Dired, Cold-Pressed, Dark-Roasted, Extra Virgin Story Of The American Food Revolution, David Kamp. And hey, it even mention Zingerman's, although just the one time, in passing.

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