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And I have waited too long

Borders, near me, has definitively closed. No question about that and they've even stripped the store name from the exterior of the mall. On the interior they've taken out all the bookshelves, including at least some of the wall shelves. You don't quite appreciate how big something like that is until it's empty. I suppose that's the way your apartment is never bigger than when you don't live in it. There's still some of the inspirational pro-book quotes on the tops of the walls, but that's about all left from the bookstore.

No idea what the mall is going to make of the space, or at least I haven't got any. The evidence seems to suggest they haven't quite got it either, though, since they haven't plastered signs warning about the new store to be coming to this space if we watch it adequately. What they have done is cover the windows, the doors to the outside of the mall, and the mall-interior doors with posters and artwork created by, apparently, local schoolkids. The theme of this is some kind of jungle animals, although I'm not sure just which jungle. They look like the average sorts of animals, but I admit I might not have noticed the more exotic kind. All right, the important thing is I was looking for coatis and they didn't have them, best as I can tell. Of course, at the construction-paper schoolkids resolution of drawing it's hard to say that something is definitely a lemur and not a coati, but I know lemurs and they have a public image. Coatis got a couple minor parts in Brandy and Mr Whiskers and an appearance in one episode of Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. I'm OK with that.

On the down side, there's one less book store near me, and while I can still get to a Borders, it's now an hourlong journey specifically to it instead of a diversion on my way to yoga or other things. Still, with the end of the discount sales now I can spend my time going to the Apple Store, the Pet Store, or ... well, I'll probably find something.

Trivia: The record-setting stunt of laying ten miles of track on a single day was originally announced by the Central Pacific to be attempted for the 27th of April, 1869, but was delayed to the 28th due to a locomotive derailment. Source: Empire Express: Building The First Transcontinental Railroad, David Haward Bain.

Currently Reading: Yugoslavia: Death Of A Nation, Laura Silber, Allan Little.


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