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Could it be finally I'm turning for home

Meanwhile small changes continue on the home front. In particular, my mother bought a new lamp to replace the floor lamp from the living room. The old one I thought was fine, and it's been in the family succession of homes for something like a quarter-century. Maybe longer. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's longer. In the current home, it occupied a spot beside the sofa and either jammed up front ahead of the endtable, if my father had moved it last, or behind the endtable, if I had moved it last. My reasoning for moving it behind was straightforward enough: it gave the same light in the room and this way if I reached over to the remote control on the endtable, my elbow wouldn't knock the lamp over. My father's reasoning I don't know, but we ended up in a relentless little quiet struggle over lamp placement until I started sitting on the chair on the other side of the endtable, where there couldn't be any remote/elbow/lamp intersections.

The new lamp isn't a floor one. It sits on the endtable, instead, with a shorter mast and a boom that swings out at a variety of angles and lengths. This should make the endtable perfectly useless for remote control placement, and so far that seems to be; my father's been throwing the remote on the sofa where it can get lost underneath pillows, newspapers, or the tissue box.

Thing about the new lamp is it's much more directional and much more tightly focused than the floor lamp was. It lights a little cone around it, just wide enough for the sofa and my chair and not a lot else. It's disconcertingly bright, and I'm taking my time at getting used to it. But I do, at least in principle, like having this island of brilliance in the midst of a vast dark night; it's attractive in a way the standard universe of diffuse, soft, uniform lighting just isn't.

Trivia: The original articles of incorporation for the Edison Electric Light Company stated, ``The objects for which the said company is formed are to own, manufacture, operate and license the use of various apparatus used in producing light, heat and power by electricity''. Source: Edison: A Biography, Matthew Josephson.

Currently Reading: A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped The World, William J Bernstein.


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