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But I still haven't found what I'm looking for

Bleah. I'm losing one of my teaching assistants for two and a half weeks. Singaporean males are in the equivalent of the National Guard until age 40, and it's his turn. This mostly consists -- for me -- of mild inconvenience, as it adds more class hours and, worse, quite a few more grading hours.

I ran across a book, Easy Google. I was tempted to get it, out of curiosity about how exactly Google could be made hard, but I try not to buy too much stuff I can only enjoy by laughing at. Though I do wonder if anybody can explain ``basic'' stuff like how to use everybody's favorite eigenvector without falling into the Monumental List Of Instructions Way Too Staggeringly Boring To Actually Do. (``To make a brand-new folder in OS X, we hold down the shift key, and the flower key, and the N. This makes a brand-new folder called `untitled folder'. But if we do this a second time we create a brand-new folder called `untitled folder 2'. The number increases with each new folder you make. Let's do this now 73 times until we feel comfortable creating a new folder. What number is the 73rd new folder we create?'') I'm guessing no.

At the 7-Eleven, as I bought a Big Gulp, the cashier asked if I'd like to buy a toothbrush as well. They're on sale, you see. I suspect there's no way for the cashiers to push the toothbrushes without the customer feeling vaguely offended.

Trivia: JRR Tolkien wrote the Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word ``wallop''. Source: The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: The Rise of the Great Powers 1648-1815, Derek McKay and H.M. Scott.

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