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What thoughts are fantasy and what memories real?

``The Unknown Command'', the sixth installment, is the last one that I've seen; while I'll pick up on the seventh, it won't be until after I get back home and other things reported on.

Though Kane's men have Rogers, Deering, and Tallen captured and gassed they stop short of killing them, Kane's man on the spot realizing they need Prince Tallen alive to secure Saturn's alliance. Kane orders them to put the hypnosis coil from one of the mind-controlled slaves into Tallen's helmet; since the slaves wear what look like garden watering cans on their heads and the hypnosis coil slips into Tallen's cap apparently the watering cans are just fashion. They kill a slave for the helmet, by the way, which I suppose proves their badnasty jumpjumpness, but seems like it'd be more economical to carry a spare hat.

Rogers and Deering --- bound by a single chain, by the way, to a rock --- manage to escape by the advanced technique of trying, but are waylaid by a pair of the slaves throwing rocks between them and the camera before they get to the cute little subway into Saturn High Command. Deering and Rogers are shocked by the Zergs, shuffling mole men-ish servants of Saturn who maybe are supposed to be some counterpart to Kane's slaves but I'm not seeing it at this point.

Kane's plan was to have Tallen report how Rogers was a crazy maniac who held him hostage until he feigned compliance with his demands. The High Council finds this believable given the way a clearly stunned Tallen speaks in a mumbling, inflectionless monotone, like Vulcans on Star Trek: Enterprise, little suspecting he wears a hypnotic helmet. Rogers figures the best way to prove Kane's charges wrong is to grab a ray gun from the security guards and hold it on the Saturnian High Command again while holding Tallen as human shield and threatening to kill the prince if they do anything.

It's worth pointing out, Buck Rogers is a stupid, stupid man. He's lucky nearly everyone in his universe is a little more stupid but, boy, he's stupid. We're talking The Doctor in ``Victory Of The Daleks'' stupid.

Rogers, Deering, and Tallen flee in the subway minicar, which can't be stopped because Rogers ray-gunned the controls. Kane's man grabs what looks like the parking brake, but actually just swings a heavy door shut across the tracks, which the subway car totally doesn't visibly slow down and lightly touch before exploding at the end of the segment.

Trivia: After the Warner Brothers were given a special Academy Award on 19 May 1929 for developing talking pictures, Al Jolson quipped, ``For the life of me, I can't see what Jack Warner would do with one of them. It can't say yes.'' The Speed of Sound, Scott Eyman.

Currently Reading: Shipwreck: The Strange Fate Of The Morro Castle, Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts.


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