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Off to the fray on the brave crusade, gallant ladies' garment trade

I'm getting ready for my con report, trip report, and reports on the concluding six installments of the 1938 Buck Rogers serial, but let me postpone all that a day so I can talk about my new computer.

I like it a lot. But the foam plastic pad which goes between keyboard and screen and which I am irrationally convinced does something to prevent the screen contracting QWERTY-face is a little too precise a fit and the edges get a little ruffled as I put it back in and out when the laptop is closed or opened. On my old iBook, I had a nice cloth rag I picked up at Funan The IT Mall which filled about the same need and was a jillion times more forgiving of placement errors on the part of the clumsy user. I want a new one for the MacBook Pro. (My PowerBook I always meant to get one, but the foam padding for that was forgiving enough I never really needed it.)

So. Couldn't find it at Best Buy. Couldn't find it at Radio Shack. Went away from Radio Shack feeling vaguely depressed. Couldn't find it at the Apple Store. But I did ask one of the sales folk at the Apple Store. She knew exactly what I was thinking of and agreed it was nice to have, but, they don't have them. And she doesn't know who has got them. However, she can give me extra MacBook Pro-sized foam pads, if I want those. I turned down the offer but may go back to stock up if I can't figure a workaround.

Also, apparently, now I've got connections for backstage photos of Seaside Heights or for MacBook Pro foam padding. I will try to use my newfound pull only for good.

Trivia: The New York City Common Council of 1852-53, nicknamed the ``Forty Thieves'', among other things rejected an offer to pay the City $50,000 per year for the exclusive right to collecte dead animals from the streets, and instead paid one W B Reynolds $63,000 per year for the work; it was later determined Reynolds in turn paid aldermen and the city inspector from his wage. Source: Gotham: A History Of New York City To 1898, Edwin G Burrows, Mike Wallace.

Currently Reading: The Age Of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn, Louisa Gilder.


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