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You know, rather than get further into the long, long entries let me take a moment for the Price Is Right report for May, in this case counting from the 2nd of May through to the 27th. There weren't any reruns I'm aware of this month, although there was the curiously timely episode of May 3, mentioning the killing of Osama bin Laden. More entertainingly, the May 4th episode featured music from Beatles tribute band Rain. None of this signifies much, but here's the Showcase Showdown results:

First Second Third
Month 12 10 18
Season 101 111 114

The lowest winning spin results didn't change a bit this month, and there weren't even any hilariously weird spinning results. So instead let me fold in the mention of the ``Pay The Rent'' playing from the 11th of May, which otherwise got lost in my travels.

The prizes this time were pasta sauce ($2.99), a bag of cashews ($6.79), hair coloring ($5.99), milk ($0.99), foot cream ($8.27), and cookies ($3.39). As best I can tell this is another case where there's just one possible valid arrangement for the $100,000 prize. Unfortunately the contestant put, in the first leve, the pasta sauce ($2.99 total); in the second, the milk and cashews ($7.78); and in the third, the foot cream and cookies ($11.66). Despite all possible common sense the contestant thought maybe hair coloring would be more than $11.66; I suppose there might be some prestige model of hair color that might cost more than that, but this wasn't it, and so all was lost. Tch.

Trivia: When Eben Norton Horsford synthesized the first phosphate-based, stable, reliable, affordable ``double-acting'' baking powder he packed it as Rumford, after Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, the thermodynamics pioneer. Source: Twinkie, Deconstructed, Steve Ettlinger.

Currently Reading: The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, The Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World, Edward Dolnick.


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