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Will you still be sending me a valentine

Tuesday began with the rarest of all things that bunny_hugger and I experience when we visit the other.

That would be time apart. She had, first thing in the day, an appointment for physical therapy. I had fully intended to go with her and at least sit in the waiting room while she as attended, but she favored the idea of me staying in bed and catching up on sleep. I've been running a terrible sleep gap with my current job. I had thought I would be easily able to wake up and go with her. I believe in point of fact there was never the threat of me getting out of bed for it; I think I was barely out of bed when she got back.

We had a gentle, simple plan for Tuesday: her parents hoped to visit. They had her rabbit to bring back, and some yard work to help her with, and they like excuses to meet me. bunny_hugger spoke of worrying that they were wearing me out with too many visits, possibly in jest, but I wasn't worried. I like them. And it's easy to spend time with them in that comfortable easy way that you can spend time with other people's parents.

The yard work was the usual sort of chores that are really obvious and apparent to people who understand yards. I have the untrained eye that not only doesn't spot weeds but can't fully convince himself that just because something is a weed doesn't mean it doesn't belong there anyway, since many of them are attractive in some fashion. But I followed, trying to keep up as bunny_hugger and her mother identified the species of many plants growing around her yard and somehow knowing which ones they wanted and which ones they didn't and which ones were good snacking for her rabbit. I felt sure that if I kept around long enough there'd be something I could help with and although it didn't happen, at least I was a large presence serving no particular purpose there.

We ate again at the restaurant made from the old train station, a beautiful high-ceilinged room with that charm that heavy wood public-service structures of the early 20th century get. This time we even got to eat in the balcony, looking far down over the dining floor and mourning what's inflicted on the public as railroad stations in the modern era, and severely underestimating just how large the servings and especially the desserts would be. They were worth it anyway.

Her parents quite liked the candies we'd picked up, making that a success. To my slight surprise her father hadn't brought his stereoscopic camera, so there were no fresh attempts at photography. But that was all right; we had plans to get together again on Friday, down at their house.

With the day, and our stomachs, so well-filled there wasn't much chance we'd go out to do or eat anything further. We amused ourselves staying in, and let Netflix Instant do some of the amusing too: bunny_hugger has been watching Matt Smith's first season as The Doctor now that she can, and she had just reached ``Victory Of The Daleks''. I tried to be careful about not spoiling things but couldn't help watching her watching the episode, since I knew she would love things like the Daleks offering The Doctor tea and jammy dodgers. She noticed me watching and so probably had a sense that I knew one of the episode's big beats was coming up, but after all, when else would I see anyone getting their first glimpses of the New Model Daleks? (I think the white one works stylistically; I'm willing to be talked into the others, but they haven't really been featured since.)

Anyway, we agreed that (a) The Doctor was really, really, really stupid here, and (b) we couldn't get enough of the Daleks trying to buttle for The Doctor. It was also during this that I realized Matt Smith's Doctor is often brilliant about how to do things and rarely unsure about what to do, but is reliably dumb in thinking of what to do. He can carry it off with enough style and energy and enthusiasm that it works, but he maybe should just let Amy or other companions (temporary or full-time) tell him what to do instead as they're a lot better grounded.

In the evening, bunny_hugger's rabbit got the chance to exit his cage and run around some, and I imagine he really liked how with my new laptop I could go without being plugged in for pretty near the whole evening instead of 90 to 120 minutes. He was able to not just hop around the living room and stairs but also to evaluate that I was indeed sitting on His Sofa and wasn't going away even when he hopped up on the armrest and glared at me. He'd spend a healthy time doing that over the week, too.

Trivia: The United States House of Representatives vote on whether to go to war with the United Kingdom in June of 1812 was held in secret. Source: Union 1812: The Americans Who Fought The Second War Of Independence, A J Langguth.

Currently Reading: American Creation, Joseph J Ellis.


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