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One more ``Pay The Rent'' round on The Price Is Right, and what I figure is the final one for the season since it looks like we've entered a long patch of reruns. Accordingly I'll have my season wrap-up of the Showcase results soon. The final playing was on the 20th of June and I'm sorry to report it late but other stuff had higher priority and I initially mis-read the airdate schedule and thought this was a rerun. It wasn't, although it was the next-to-the-last new episode of the season.

This time it was rebranded as ``Pay The Wedding'', since the episode was an engaged-couples special with a pair of contestants for each spot. So this may be the most-rebranded pricing game out there. Anyway, the prizes for the engaged couples were a bag of custom-printed M&Ms ($13.99)(!), a scented candle ($8.50), bubble bath ($12.00), saffron ($16.29), strawberries ($1.49), and Reddi-wip ($2.99) so the strawberries don't look so lonely, I guess. As you can see it was a savage price range.

The contestants put in the first level the Reddi-wip, for a level total of $2.99; and in the second level the custom M&M's and strawberries for a total of $15.48. Seeing this, they stopped in terror and I don't blame them as I'd have taken the sure $5,000 and walked away too. But they'd made a mistake: on the third level they'd put the scented candle and bubble bath for a $20.50 total, so they could have had $10,000 as they laid things out.

So for a total of something like ten playings this year, there's been one person who placed the items perfectly (and who bailed out at the $10,000 level), with a lot of people choosing to go on rather than take a secure $10,000. I suppose they see themselves as swinging for the fences. And this time again there appears to be only the one valid arrangement, so I suppose that time there were the two winning orders was a fluke.

Trivia: In a morning game on 20 October 1865 the Athletics baseball club of Philadelphia scored 101 runs. In the evening game they scored 165, and broke so many bats ``they were compelled to use the handle of a shovel as a substitute for a bat at the finish''. Source: But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History Of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843 - 1870, Peter Morris.

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