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And now to the June results for The Price Is Right Showcase Showdowns, away from those scary feelings and stuff. It's an abbreviated month since they went to reruns after the 20th, except for a new episode the 4th of July. Bundling everything from 30 May through 4 July together, and omitting reruns, we have as totals:

First Second Third
Month 11 14 9
Season 112 125 123

If it weren't for second's surge here the third spinner would have eked out a win for the third season I've been tracking these things. Too bad, although it does look like the first spinner suffers a modest disadvantage, which really fascinates me since the first spinner is the only one who always has a free choice to make strategic decisions.

The lowest-winning-spin totals did not change in June either, but I'll include them here anyway.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 60 30 5
Tied Win 65 55 -
Triple Tie 80 - -

I dont know that these numbers are of any value to figuring out strategy, when a person has free choice to decide whether to spin again. It can't be too insightful to say it takes a stroke of freak luck to win with under 60 cents. Too bad, but maybe it'll help me figure out how to properly simulate spinners for a software replica of the Showdowns.

Trivia: The black-and-white striped jackets and trousers, used in movies and comic strips to denote criminals, had as its coding system in Sing Sing up to about 1905 that first offenders had one stripe, second offenders two, and those with four or more offenses the full ``zebra'' uniform. Source: Satan's Circus: Murder, Vice, Police Corruption, And New York's Trial of The Century, Mike Dash.

Currently Reading: Ship of Strangers, Bob Shaw.


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