austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Oh, you never would believe

Inside a package of Fantastic brand Cheese Rice Crackers: a bag of silica gel desiccant, with the warning ``DO NOT EAT.'' As if somebody would eat a package of rock candy-like crystals from a bag of crackers. The crackers were okay, a bit spicy with not enough cheese, and the geisha on the package looked somehow like a cartoon Robert Benchley.

Also recently Jeffery Koh set a new world record for ``eating three cream crackers in the fastest time,'' 14.45 seconds. The previous record-holder was the United Kingdom's Ambrose Mendy, at 49.15 seconds. I don't see what takes so long; I must be missing something in the crackers.

The reason there've been so many odd world record attempts lately is that the consulting company Record Breakers Singapore is deliberately organizing these. There were nine other Obscure Record Attempts alongside Jeffery Koh's, including ``fastest drinking of a 397g bottle of ketchup through a straw'' (ick!), ``speaking the greatest number of words backwards in one minute,'' and ``eating the most (chocolate) Smarties by chopstick in three minutes.'' I haven't found a complete list, or accounting of how many succeeded.

A cable-modem glitch put me offline. I almost caught up on e-mail. My oldest letter's a week old, down from six.

Trivia: In 1861 the South Carolina Railroad carried 213,763 persons and missed advertised connections ten times. Source: Railroads of the Confederacy, Robert C Black III.

Currently Reading: Lethe, Tricia Sullivan. Gene warfare so accelerated speciation and mutation one of the lead characters grows dolphin-like skin as she showers ... so ... what was the problem, besides the Star Trek DNA?


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