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I rise in the morning, beneath an open sky

Here's another handful of pictures as long as I've got them up:

Nyni and woodlander take in the distorted mirrors.
woodlander and Nyni are distorted.
We hadn't been able to figure out why nobody was in the water, as we walked along the boardwalk. From atop the Ferris wheel we could see: they were too in the water, there's just this sharp drop by the water's edge which disguised their presence.
This is a slightly better view of the good number of people on the beach, and near the water, as well as taking in most of the Casino Pier.
The Funtown Pier has a tiny looping coaster --- it really looks too small to possibly do this --- but here it is, as seen from the Ferris wheel.
This is a view of the Funtown Pier which shows the looping roller coaster almost in its entirety as well as showing some of the rides around it.
If you use a flash camera on the shooting gallery you can make every target jump and respond at once. If you take a photograph of someone like Nyni posing with one of the rifles it doesn't even look like you're causing mischief on purpose.

Trivia: According to the Apollo 11 mission plan, Neil Armstrong was supposed to dust off Buzz Aldrin's suit before he reentered the lunar module after the moonwalk. It was forgotten, possibly because it appeared hopeless to attempt. Source: First Man: The Life Of Neil A Armstrong, James R Hansen.

Currently Reading: The Toothpick: Technology and Culture, Henry Petroski, if naming him after a title like that isn't redundant.


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