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That's why I'll always be around

I thought it was odd the clothing store had a lucite box full of apples. So I went in, was quickly greeted by a clerk, and left alone. The apples were very good plastic replicas; only the seam gave it away visually. Finally I got to ask why they kept a box of fake apples.

``Oh, it's because our store colors are red and yellow, we wanted to show them.''

Why wasn't there something yellow?

``We didn't have anything. ''

When the light for the crosswalk -- not at the intersection of streets -- turned to ``walk'' we mere pedestrians couldn't. Blocking the whole width between the white lines was one of the extra-long bendy-busses. Plastered along its entire length: the cartoon lion and slogans of the ``Let's Be Courteous And Share The Road'' campaign.

Another bus -- one I rode downtown -- had a very cautious, by which I mean glacially slow, driver. I appreciate it may be practical on a local route not to take the bus out of first gear, but he left his in one-half gear.

Trivia: Pioneer 10 and 11 had six-bit intensity data for each pixel. Pictures were stored in a 6144-bit buffer. Source: Pioneer Odyssey, Richard O Fimmel, William Swindell, Eric Burgess. NASA SP-396.

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