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Backwards we are moving and we're going very slow

For our last, partial day together we'd floated some ideas. bunny_hugger suggested, for instance, we could find a letterbox reportedly on campus nearby and try using that to launch our hitchhiker.

What we actually did, though, was hold each other. This may sound like me being euphemistic, but it's not. We do a lot of holding, in each other's presence, as if we might charge our bodies with the feel of one another so thorougly and so intensely that it could do all the holding we might have done for those long times when we're separated. It partly works; for days after we part I have the ghost of her body pressing against my arms, and after those I can summon that feeling easily, though not too often, for fear of making it too routine to feel remarkable.

That was what was worth doing in this time.

Well, and a little lunch and some final packing, not to mention my repeated sweeps trying to make sure I hadn't somehow forgotten something essential which I would need before bunny_hugger came to visit me next, which should be this coming Monday. Considering I had laptop, iPad, camera, hand phone, chargers, passport, and boarding pass, it's hard to imagine what that might be, but I still imagined there might be something. No harm done.

When last I flew out and back, United cancelled or was just plain late with three of the four flights. This time they did much better: each flight took off on schedule, and three of them landed on schedule. It was the fourth which failed to, owing to thunderstorms that briefly shut down all the New York City area airports, and about which they just kept coming on the public address system to say would force a delay of about twenty minutes. We were on the third iteration of this twenty-minute-holding-pattern-and-there-may-be-another-fifteen-minutes-after-that when the clouds cleared and we got back to the ground.

I was minutes late for the train which would take me back to my brother and his wife's, and thus my car, but that gave me the chance to phone bunny_hugger and report my safe if delayed arrival. She also reported that she'd found one of the gifts I'd hidden. This wasn't my top job of concealment; I'd set it on a dining room chair underneath the test stamping and the discarded impression made of the hitchhiker. Conceptually this was nice, as the surprise would be right underneath the legacy of this letterboxer's surprise, but as something to be discovered someday when she wasn't expecting it, it misfired, as she had a perfectly clear line of sight to it when she sat in the living room. But there's no fun hiding presents that way if you aren't glad to have them discovered at times you can't predict, and she liked both the discovery and the gift.

But with the delays in landing and the inevitable time taken to get the train and then drive home, I didn't arrive home until after midnight, by my time; in my time zone, at least, too late to catch skylerbunny on his birthday. I had a few hours left in his time zone, although I did have to get to sleep soon. There was work the next morning.

Trivia: The United States Post Office selected the newly constructed Newark Airport over Floyd Bennett Field as its New York City air terminal in part due to the Pulaski Skyway offering the promise that arrivals at Newark could reach midtown Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel in nine and one-half minutes under normal conditions. Source: Naked Airport: A Cultural History Of The World's Most Revolutionary Structure, Alastair Gordon.

Currently Reading: How The Idea Of Religious Toleration Came To The West, Perez Zagorin. No snark credit for those of you who answer, ``belatedly''; we aim to be sharper around here.


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