austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

You know I don't like watching anybody make the same mistakes I made

Dramatis Personae: the IT person; the Programmer; the Other programmer; the Client Relations person.

Setting: a conference room with two tables and numerous chairs.

The characters, bearing two laptops, enter.

IT: Is this the room?

I don't clain this to be _Waiting For Godot_, but it is more playlike than usual for me. Collapse )

Relations: We're finally getting the hang of these.

Trivia: Early experiments in broadcasting orchestral music on the radio found the resonance of the room spoiled the sound. Attempts were made with the orchestra playing underneath a tent on the radio station's roof, sometimes to have the tent blown away. An indoor tent and, finally, sound-dampening wall covers, would solve the problem. Source: Only Yesterday: An Informal History Of The 1920s, Frederik Lewis Allen.

Currently Reading: Since Yesterday: The 1930s In America, Frederick Lewis Allen.


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