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Never falling like millions of bees

Back to skylerbunny: while I did get in after midnight my time, what was important to him was his time, and I was able to log in and see him before he had to go to bed, and for that matter, before I did.

Better and despite our fears regarding the post office, his package came through. It arrived Monday, so he had a full day of sitting with it waiting for the all-clear to open it up. My delays can't have helped things. Although since bunny_hugger and I had both wrapped our presents, the worst he'd see by opening the packing early would be seeing the page of stickers, which were put in bare because they didn't fit the card envelopes.

Also better and also despite our fears regarding the post office, everything came through intact. We'd picked two potentially breakable things but between the heavy packing and reasonable good luck he got everything intact. My gift was a slightly silly thing, a mouse-shaped ``piggy bank'' which somehow just seemed right for him even despite the lack of any particular mouse connections in his life. It was just one where we looked at it and independently thought of skylerbunny.

bunny_hugger's gift was a small tile, suitable for hanging in the kitchen or bathroom, which should serve to spruce up his walls. He moved to a new apartment recently, and so far has the walls spruced up from Generic Apartment Block Off-Beige only by the addition of a Tales Of The American Rabbit poster, a bit of masking tape left over from when the maintenance crew painted it, and a dent where he threw the cable modem at the wall. A scenic tile's a small thing, but it's a step towards domestic bliss.

Trivia: In 1529 Spain sold its claims in the Spice Islands to Portugal in exchange for 350,000 ducats. Source: A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped The World, William J Bernstein.

Currently Reading: Vigilant, James Alan Gardner.


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