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You're like a broken down Chevy

I had my first successful airbrush experience. I'd gotten a beginner's model years ago from a hobby shop chain, and couldn't get a drop of paint out of it. The store insisted (without looking at it) the airbrush kit worked fine, so I tried a few more times, used up the can of propellant, and stopped buying from them.

But this time was great. Naturally the nozzles were wide open as I screwed the cap onto the propellant, so I got loud sprays of air. Once that was sorted out, I had a lovely red paint spray. I knew the propellant can would get cold, but I didn't expect how cold; much cooler than spray deodorant does.

I painted the nacelle caps and the deflectors for that starship Enterprise kit. What I really learned was that I have to leave them on the plastic skeletons, or else the airbrush sends them flying over the table and onto the floor. Happily there wasn't enough paint to stain the tile. Though this was pitifully little experience I like the results.

The only trouble was cleaning up; I had to wash the bottle and brush in my bathroom sink, so it looks like I had a Law and Order Crime Scene break out. I had enough red paint on my hands one store clerk asked if I needed bandages. I'm comforted people are watching out for me.

Trivia: The plane and the surface of a circular cylinder have the same curvature; that is, no local experiment on geometric shapes can distinguish between the two. Source: Six Not-So-Easy Pieces, Richard P. Feynman.

Currently Reading: Featuring The Saint, Leslie Charteris.


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